The Russian helicopter industry: results of 2011 and plans for the future


In early April, JSC "Helicopters of Russia", a subsidiary of JSC "Oboronprom", combining the assets of all the leading domestic enterprises in the development and manufacture of helicopters, officially announced the results of its operations in 2011. Consolidated revenues for the year amounted to 103.9 billion rubles. (More than 3.5 billion dollars.), Which is 27.8% higher than the pokazatel2012, the profit increased by 12.7% to 7.0 billion rubles. (More than 230 million dollars.), And the EBITDA margin was 17.3%.

The holding enterprises during the year has delivered 262 new helicopters — 22.4% more than in 2010. Deliveries of production were carried out in 19 countries and included nine main types of helicopters. As in previous years, the bulk of production fell for the execution of export orders, however, in 2011. has evolved a tendency to increase the proportion of domestic sales, primarily the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Recently had an impact on business acquisition holding company that has grown over the year twice — 430 to 859 helicopters of the total value of more than 330 billion rubles. (Over 11 billion dollars.). According to official data, "Helicopters of Russia", a key factor for this rapid growth was the signing of orders for 2011. long-term contracts with the Russian Ministry of Defense to supply "more than 600 helicopters for the period up to 2020.".

In the past year, the company continued its program of modernization of production facilities, its affiliated companies, sending for this purpose investment of $ 9.1 billion rub. (By 65.5% more than the year before). The result was the creation of three centers of competence: the production of magnesium casting on the basis of "AAC" Progress "for machining parts on the basis of JSC" Kazan Helicopter Plant "(first stage) and the development and production of helicopter units, transmission test stands and on the basis of" Gear-PM "(the first stage).

Also significantly increased investment in R & D, amounting in 2011. 4.6 billion rubles. (An increase of 2.7 times compared with 2010.). The bulk of funds allocated for the implementation of key future projects of the holding — the Ka-226T, Mi-38, Ka-62, Mi-171A2 and future draft speed helicopter (PSV).

Commenting on the results of the company in 2011., General Director of JSC "Helicopters of Russia" Dmitry Petrov said: "The company is developing and demonstrating impressive growth dynamics. In the past year, we consolidated the leading position in the global helicopter industry. In 2011. we put 262 cars to customers in 19 countries, allowing to take 14% of the world market in terms of money. In addition, we were able to increase twofold solid order backlog, which reached 859 helicopters, and its value at the end of 2011 exceeded 330mlrd. rub. We have set a strategic goal to continue to strengthen its position in the global market by increasing competitiveness and operational efficiency, and to make every effort to increase shareholder value. In 2012. We plan to continue to work actively to ensure the long-term undertaking for the future through intensive research and development. We will continue to work on the development of the service and after-sales service, technical re-equipment and modernization, as well as continue to improve the management system. "

Production plans of the holding in 2012. provide for a further increase in production of helicopters, which at the end of the year is likely to exceed 300 vehicles.



The main results of the past year in the field of Russian combat helicopter has continued supply of Russian Ministry of Defence production helicopters Mi-28N and Ka-52, and the first deliveries of the Russian Air Force and Azerbaijani military transport Mi-35M.

Mass-produced "Rostvertol" Army combat helicopter Mi-28N adopted by the Russian Army on the orders of the President of the Russian Federation dated October 15, 2009. By the beginning of last year, the troops were sent about 24 production helicopters of this type, serving at an air base in Budennovsk (before their first four production vehicles were in 2008. Delivered and the Center for the deployment and retraining pilots of army aviation in Torzhok). Last summer, the last year in Torzhok with "Rostvertol" came next four Mi-28N, and in October of the same year — six more. By the end of the year the plant was completed assembly and delivery to the customer carried out another batch of machines.


In 2012. delivery of the Mi-28N Russian Air Force will continue, with the expectation that they will come to yet another air base. In addition, this year to begin testing a prototype training and combat helicopter Mi-28UB dual-control, which is currently in Rostov will be held on the basis of pre-production on the Mi-28N, who bore the board number 37. Is also continuing work on the modernization of the production model, aimed at creating a more perfect version of the Mi-28nm, starting in serial production is scheduled for the middle of this decade. In 2011. was awarded another long-term contract for the supply of Mi-28N Russian Air Force. Overall requirements in the Air Force helicopters Mi-28N, as stated repeatedly commanded, is not less than 400 vehicles.

Unfortunately, 2011. brought the news and joyless. Indian Ministry of Defence has organized the tender for 22 attack helicopters, Mi-28NE chose his American rival. However, in the "Russian Helicopters" and "Rosoboronexport" no doubt the export prospects of the Mi-28NE: a strong interest in such machines is expressed in a number of CIS countries and some foreign countries.

Important developments have occurred in the past year and the program for multi-army combat helicopter Ka-52. First, the State has been completed joint testing, and he was recommended for the adoption. The first four series Ka-52, collected AAC "Progress". NI Sazykina were transferred to the center of the deployment and retraining pilots of army aviation in Torzhok in December 2010. In May last year, began shipping production Ka-52 at an air base in Chernigovka in the Far East of Russia, first here was sent eight cars, and in the fall they added four more. Thus, in Chernigovka was first formed in the Russian Air Force squadron full Ka-52. Another five new Ka-52 made "progress" by the end of 2011., At the beginning of this year were recruited Torzhok PPI (unfortunately, one of the fresh machine was lost in an accident here on March 12 2012., And the investigation into the incident revealed no comments a material part).

The management of "Russian Helicopters" officially announced the conclusion of last August, multi-year contract for the supply of the Russian Ministry of Defense, "more than 140" Ka-52 helicopters, which will load capacities almost a decade. It is also important that the Ka-52 is selected basic type of military attack helicopter for the Air Group acquired the Russian Navy helicopter carriers "Mistral". Back in late November 2009. one of the most experienced Ka-52 successfully tested by basing on the deck "Mistral" during his visit to Russia, and now the firm "Kamov" to start working on the creation of naval version of the machine, called the Ka-


A novelty in the Russian Air Force last year were transport-combat helicopters Mi-35M, serial production of which in 2006. mastered "Rostvertol". Until now, this technique purchased only by foreign customers (ten Mi-35M in 2006 and 2008. Venezuela has received, and in December of 2009. Began deliveries of similar helicopters to Brazil), but in May 2012. it was officially announced that the order batch of 22 Mi-35 Russian Defense Ministry intends. Recall that the last new Mi-24P and Mi-24VP came to the domestic armed forces for more than two decades ago. Production of the first batch of Mi-35M for the Russian Air Force began last year, and 17 December 2011. from the factory to the troops went four Mi-35M. Deliveries continued this year. Mi-35M comes to the base in Budennovsk and in PPI in Torzhok. Helicopters Mi-35 and Mi-35P continue to enjoy steady demand and foreign customers. Evidence of this is a big contract for 24 modernized Mi-35M, made in the autumn of 2010. with Azerbaijan. The first four helicopters arrived in Baku on December 12 last year. The next batch of four Mi-35 went to Azerbaijan in April.


Last spring to "Rostvertol" were prepared for handover next three Mi-35M, which were built on the prisoner in October 2008. contract for 12 helicopters for the Brazilian Air Force. The first six of these machines came to Brazil in 2009 and 2010., But then, after a change of plans for financing purchases of arms by the new government of the country, the implementation of the contract to slow down. It is expected that the resumption of deliveries to Brazil will be possible this year.

Last year was also made a prisoner in July 2010. contract to supply two new Mi-35P in Peru. Both cars have received by the customer the original coloring, went to this Latin American country in April 2011.

Helicopters Mi-35 and Mi-35P will occupy an important place in the production program, "Rostvertol" all the coming years. According to the general director, Boris Slusar, the plant has received orders for machines in this family until 2015.


Heavy transport helicopter


Russia retains its competence to produce most of the world lifting heavy transport helicopters Mi-26, the serial production of which is "Rostvertol". In the course of 2007 and 2010. Three new Mi-26TC were delivered from Rostov Chinese customers who actively use them in fire-fighting, elimination of consequences of emergency situations and carry out special transport operations.

Recently, after a break of several years, the number of customers in the new Mi-26 has returned and the Russian Ministry of Defense. According to reports in the Russian press, with the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" a long-term contract for the supply of 15 such helicopters. The first two of them were handed over to customers in October of last year and went to the Far East. The following two Mi-26 for the Russian military were ready to "Rostvertol" in December and already have the service in the Urals. According to official information from the site of the Russian Defense Ministry in 2012. in the Air Force will go "around five" Mi-26 helicopters.

In the future, the current Mi-26, Mi-26T and Mi-26TC should change in the production program of the enterprise upgraded Mi-26T2 with modified engines and modern avionics complex, ensuring, in particular, reducing the crew to two. A prototype of the Mi-26T2 was made in Rostov on the basis of one of the previously released helicopters in 2010. and is currently undergoing flight test program.


Mi-26T2 is bidding Indian Defense Ministry on the delivery of 15 new heavy transport helicopters. Evaluation of the machine by a potential customer is very positive, and experts see a chance to win the Mi-26T2 in the Indian tender as high.

In the future, the order for the Mi-26T2 is planning to place and the Russian Ministry of Defense.


Medium transport helicopters of the Mi-8 (Mi-17)

This is to "bestseller" in the global and domestic market remain helicopters Mi-8 (Mi-17). At the end of the year for these machines accounted for about two thirds of all deliveries of Russian helicopters. Their production is currently engaged in two businesses. Kazan helicopter plant supplies customers with transport and passenger Mi-8 MTV-1 (export version of the Mi-17-1V) and the amphibious transport Mi-8 MTV-5 (Mi-17-B5) in different versions, as well as passenger Mi-172 . Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant builds traffic-8AMT and Mi-171 (export version of the Mi-171E) and transport-combat Mi-8AMTSh (Mi-171SH).

As stated in the April reporters CEO of JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant" Vadim league, enterprise delivered to customers in the past year, "more than 90" helicopters in 2012. plans to increase production by 10-15%. Given the togas that this amount also includes "ANSAT", the volume of production of helicopters Mi-8 (Mi-17) on the LSC last year can be estimated at 85-90 cars. In turn JSC "Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant" according to the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, has made in the last year of Mi-85 helicopters and Mi-8AMT 171 different options, and in 2012. intends to increase production to 95 cars.

According to Vadim Ligaya, the share of exports to the delivery of cardiovascular disease in the past year was 71%. The balance of the Russian Defense Ministry orders and other government agencies. It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Defense orders helicopters Mi-8 at both companies: another batch of Mi-8 MTV-1-5 in 2011. LSC has put him, and at least three batches of Mi-8AMTSh sent troops to Ulan-Ude. As reported on the official website of the Russian Ministry of Defense in 2012. "In the Air Force received about 30 troop-carrying helicopters Mi-8".


From last year’s supply of other CVD customers can note the transfer of the Arctic Ocean, "Russia" four helicopters, Mi-8 MTV parlors, 1C, and at least four Mi-8 MTV-1 aviation ministry.

Large supply of domestic commercial aircraft operators in the past year, apparently, was not. However, in August 2011. during MAKS-2011, with the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" were signed two major contracts for helicopters Mi-171 and Mi-8AMT Ulan-Ude production: 40 more such machines ordered the airline "UTair" and 39 — "Gazpromavia". Deliveries are scheduled to begin this year. New cars for "UTair" will vary from 40 set by her in 2008 and 2010. -8AMT and Mi-171 a more complex bundle. The entire contract will be implemented in 2012-2013. Deliveries-8AMT of "Gazpromavia" for the period 2012-2016.

The largest export orders for helicopters Mi-17 and Mi-171 has recently come from India, China, Egypt, and, oddly enough, the United States. The most impressive of them — a contract for 80 new Mi-17V-5 production KHP with new avionics for the Indian Defense Ministry, totaling mo
re than $ 1.2 billion. Concluded in December 2008. The first batch of helicopters for this order went to India last fall, and on February 17 this year at the Palam air base in the suburbs of Delhi, during an official ceremony of taking them to adopt the Indian Air Force. By the time the customer has been transferred already two dozen new Mi-17V-5. As stated in the April reporters CEO of JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant" Vadim league, deliveries under this contract will be completed by the middle of next year. In this case, it may well be a sequel: India considering to order another 59 Mi-17V-5 for the Air Force, and the 12 — to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of this country.


The contract for 32 Ulan-Ude Mi-171E for China was signed in December 2009. Deliveries on it began in the fall of 2010. and was completed in the past year. And at the end of 2011. with China was signed a major new contract for similar helicopters in the number of 52 cars.

Egyptian order for 24 Mi-17V-5 was placed on the LSC in 2009. The first machines were ready in 2010., And supply is likely to be completed in this.


Major contribution to the production program of both plants continue to make American orders for Mi-171E for Iraq and the Mi-17V-5 for Afghanistan. The contract for 22 Ulan-Ude Mi-171E for Iraq was awarded to the American company ARINC in December 2007. Before delivery to Iraq machines were retrofitted in the UAE. The first eight helicopters were commissioned in autumn 2010., And the final of the second batch of 14 cars — in the summer of 2011. The contract for delivery in Afghanistan 21 Kazan Mi-17V-5 was signed with the U.S. Defense Department in May of last year. The first nine helicopters went to Afghanistan in late 2011, the remaining 12 are due to arrive there later this year.


From last year‘s exports of other cardiovascular disease may be noted sending helicopters Mi-17-1V in Azerbaijan (20 helicopters) and Poland (5 helicopters), and Mi-17V-5 — in Thailand, Indonesia, and South Sudan. Ulan-Ude, in turn, gave Peru 6 Mi-171SH and Ecuador — 2 Mi-171E. In addition, four Mi-171 in February last year, the company received the Azerbaijan International Handling Company.


New customers Ulan Ude helicopter began to Brazil and Argentina. The first of them commissioned in December 2010. two certified in the country of civilian Mi-171A1, which will be used to perform work in the Amazon basin in the interests of state-controlled oil company Petrobras. In December last year, a pair of Mi-171E appeared in Argentina. The contract between the Argentine Ministry of Defense and the "Rosoboronexport" was signed in August 2010. machine to be used for transport and search and rescue operations in the Antarctic.


Based on the existing portfolio and have already concluded discussion of orders can be argued that the production of the Mi-8 (Mi-17, Mi-171) in the factories of Kazan and Ulan-Ude in the coming years will be maintained at a high level. And to maintain their competitiveness in the market in the years of "Mil Moscow ML Mile "together with JSC" Ulan-Ude "is working on a deep modernization of the model. This helicopter, known as the Mi-171A2 will get a new power plant of engine VK-2500PS-03 APU type Safir, new composite rotor blades, X-shaped tail rotor and a modern complex avionics CCD-17 with a "glass cockpit" . Cost center is currently engaged in the assembly of the first prototype of Mi-171A2 (OP-1) with basic equipment-based equipment manufactured in January of this year UUAZ fuselage. To build the second helicopter, already in the fully loaded version, scheduled to begin by the end of this year. Completion of the certification tests of the Mi-171A2, the certificate type and launch into production at Ulan-Ude is scheduled for early 2014. In the same year, the helicopter will be able to come to the launch customers. Similar activities on modernization of the equipment, the power plant and the support system is planned to gradually introduce and produced by Kazan Helicopters Mi-17V-5.



Production designed by "Kamov" family medium multi-role helicopters pine scheme is Kumertau aircraft manufacturing company. Currently, there are built-certified in many countries (including Canada and Europe) Ka-32A11VS transport, as well as anti-submarine and search-and-rescue Ka-28 (export version is supplied to domestic Navy helicopters Ka-27 and Ka-27PS) and radar picket helicopters Ka-31.


In the field of military technology in the enterprise now completed the implementation of a major export contract with China, signed in 2006. and providing for delivery in 2009 to 2012. Nine anti-Ka-28 radar picket helicopter nine Ka-31. According to the Chinese Internet, during the past year the PLA Navy had to get the final three Ka-28 and Ka-three regular 31. With the delivery of this year, three more Ka-31 performance of the contract to be completed, after which the Chinese Navy will have a total of 26 helicopters "Kamov".

In addition, the Company’s backlog of orders entered into force in 2009. contract for the supply of about a dozen helicopters Ka-28 and Ka-31 in India. Apparently, they are designed for aircraft carrier air group Vikramadity, delivery of which the Indian Navy is scheduled for later this year.

After a long break, "KumAPP" is back and work on contracts with the Russian Ministry of Defense. The official website of public procurement as early as 2008. contained information about the competition for the supply of the Russian Navy in 20009 and 2010. two radar picket helicopter Ka-252RLD. However, the implementation of this contract with OAO "KumAPP" in the same 2008., Is still unknown. More recently, in April of this year, on the same site has information on the tender for the supply of the domestic Navy until November 2013. Another similar type of helicopter, now named Ka-31P. It is also known that in the coming years, the plant will be able to receive orders for the construction of new anti-submarine (patrol) helicopters Ka-27 and the new transport and attack helicopters Ka-29 helicopter for the air group of the "Mistral". Another order of the Defense Ministry, according to the most recent information on the site procurement, supply could be in 2013. Five new search-and-rescue helicopters to be established on the basis of certified commercial version of the Ka-32A11VS.

An important event of the year was the delivery of Russian Emergencies Ministry aircraft five new Ka-32A11VS contract signed in October 2010 For the past year has been scheduled in the same supply six Ka-32A11VS signed on in July and August 2010. contract between the "Helicopters of Russia" and investment and financial company "Aviale
asing" and the airline UTair Europe (a subsidiary airline "UTair"). However, its implementation is not yet known.

Several new Ka-32A11VS been delivered to customers this year. In March, one such machine was transferred to a Brazilian company Helicargo (the contract was signed in December 2010.), And the Council has recently started to supply Ka-32A11VS Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the contract signed in July 2011. The portfolio of orders "Helicopters of Russia" has several export contracts and options on Ka-32A11VS for customers from India, China and other countries.

According to the forecast of the marketing firm "Kamov", in the period up to 2025. the market may still be claimed from 70 to 140 helicopters Ka-32A11VS.


Light multipurpose helicopter

Today’s lineup of "Helicopters of Russia" includes two types of light multi-purpose helicopter takeoff weight of up to 4 tons: developed by "Kamov" pine helicopter Ka-226 circuit, designed and manufactured by JSC "KHP" single screw "ANSAT."

Serial production of the Ka-226 with engines Allison 250-S20V U.S. production since 2000. mastered two plants — JSC "KumAPP" and Orenburg ON "Arrow" (the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" is not included.) Until the first specialized mainly in the execution of contracts with Russian security agencies — Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Office of Aviation FSB. The second took orders from airlines "Gazpromavia" and the Russian Emergencies Ministry. Furthermore, in 2008. IN "Arrow" manufactured and put into service two Ka-226, which are now in operation in Orenburg airport as medical. "Gazprom’s" order for Ka-226AG has long been in "limbo" state. Finally, last year, the first four helicopters that were released in 2004 and 2005. Were accepted by the customer, and the two of them went into operation. It is expected that the following two helicopter can fly to proceed towards the end of the year.


Office of Aviation FSB in 2006 and 2010. was delivered four Kumertau Ka-226. Ten of these helicopters to patrol and police performance were transferred in 2007 and 2010. The squadron of special purpose at the controls of the Interior for Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tatarstan, Krasnodar Krai, Volgograd and Voronezh oblasts, Bashkortostan and Kabardino-Balkaria. Late last year, another Ka-226 entered the St. Petersburg squad MIA. Deliveries of the Ka-226 these agencies will continue.


In early March of this year, the Ka-226 Kumertau production appeared in the Russian Air Force. Five cars arrived in Syzransky branch VUNTS Air Force (formerly the Syzran VVAUL). Total Defense is going to get to the end of next year, about 16 of these helicopters, which will conduct the training of pilots for the Ka-52. A longer-term plan provides for the delivery of Ka-40 226 to 2020.

The future of the Ka-226 is associated with the completion of the test and the start of mass production in a specific power and high-altitude modifications Ka-226T with engine Arrius 2G1 French company Turbomeca. Two experienced Ka-226T flight tests since 2009. Series production on KumAPP could begin next year, and in the future it can be organized and to the Software "Arrow".

The Ka-226T is presented by the Russian side on the tender of the Ministry of Defence of India, providing for the purchase and licensed production of 197 light multi-purpose helicopters for the Army Air Corps and Air Force in the country. Willingness to buy ten Ka-226T in a medical version has already declared the Russian Emergencies Ministry, and about ten Ka-226TM in the deck option for boundary ships in the second half of the decade may order the Office of Aviation FSB. The total volume of the market of Ka-226 and Ka-226T for the period up to 2020. (Obviously excluding the Indian tender) is estimated by marketers about 180 cars.


Helicopters "ANSAT" with the Canadian engines PW207K LSC series produced since 2004. The first six production vehicles were delivered for export to South Korea, the two aircraft transferred to the Office of the FSB Russia, Kazan, one airline (health) SPE "Radar MMS" (as a flying laboratory).

In 2009. entered into production, which took place in November 2008. The state joint tests, trainer version with dual controls and wheel chassis "ANSAT-U," which was commissioned by the Russian Air Force. In December of 2009. the first six machines of this type have been transferred to the customer, but directly to the troops they came only in 2010.

Three of them came in the pulp and paper industry and PLC in Torzhok, and the other three in the autumn of 2010. made available to Syzransky Military Training Air Force Research Center, which specializes in training pilots for the Russian Air Force. Soon the school has received two more helicopters "ANSAT-U", released in 2010. Machines are based at the airport Sokol Saratov region. Last year the LSC produced and handed over to the customer another five serial "ANSAT-U", which went on Syzran School in January this year. College instructors have already mastered the car, and soon they should start flying cadets.

In 2007 and 2010. LSC had a great range of activities on the amendments base model helicopter with wire control system with the revised certification requirements have emerged, resulting in the version appeared "ANSAT-K", certified in March 2010. IAC on a limited category.

In parallel, work began on the modification of "Ansat" with hydraulic control system. Made two prototypes of the helicopter, known as the "ANSAT-1M". The first one from 2011. ground test runs, and the second has recently entered the flight test. Its first flight will take place in the near future. Certification testing of the new version of "Ansat can be completed before the end of this year, after which it will be offered to potential customers. At LSC believe that the production and supply of commercial options "Ansat" could potentially be up to 20 cars per year.



Along with the modernization and further development of the above-mentioned basic models of Russian helicopters that are now in mass production, JSC "Helicopters of Russia" has developed a strategy for the development of its model range over the medium and long term. By the middle of this decade in production to be launched two new models of multi-purpose transport helicopter — the Mi-38 average (by LSC) and the lighter the Ka-62 (MPAA for "Progress").

Flight testing is currently undergoing a second copy of the Mi-38 (OP-2) with engines manufactured in Canada. Last year, the Mi-382 with Russian TV7-117V is a converted first prototype machine (OP-1). The need to start finishing the main gearbox of its flight test was rescheduled for this summer. At LSC meanwhile being completed third copy (OP-3), which also receives engines TV7-117V, and laid in the production of OP-4, which will be the benchmark for future mass production scheduled to start in 2014-2015.

Promising a lot of the target 12-15-seater helicopter Ka-62 with takeoff massoy6500 kgbudet equipped with engines Turbomeca Ardiden 3G. Currently, the plant "Progress" has started manufacturing th
e first prototypes Ka-62, which in 2012 to 2013. should be transferred to the firm "Kamov" for flight tests. The first flight of the prototype of the Ka-62 is scheduled for 2012., And completion of certification testing and launching into production — by 2015.

In the longer term (2015-2020gg.) "Helicopters of Russia" plan to develop and master the production of new heavy helicopter, a promising high-speed helicopter (PSV), as well as one or two types of new light helicopters.

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