The Russian-Indian joint venture BrahMos Aerospace began development of a cruise missile BrahMos-2

It will be a qualitatively new modification "BrahMos", which currently flies at a speed of M = 2.8 and M = 3.5. Today are technologies that provide flight "BrahMos-2" in five — seven times more than the sound. Based on these technologies are designed for the manufacture of refractory material body geperzvukovoy rocket propulsion unit and its other components.

Russian-Indian hypersonic missile "BrahMos-2" Source: 


For the development of new materials in an Indian research centers in the Russian Research Institute formed a group of scientists. The Russians, in particular, assigned to work for a period of five years on technologies that are designed for engines "BrahMos-2." At the same time began to develop projects for the modernization of existing and construction of a new production of missiles of this modification, the search for investors and suppliers of component units for the "BrahMos-2." The main customers of the rocket as its first modification, are the land forces of India, Air Force and Navy of the Republic.

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