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The company "Yandex", "Kaspersky Lab" of linguistic software ABBYY were the top three leading, innovative companies in the Russian version of the magazine Fast Company. This was reported on the website of the publication.

"Yandex" marked "for the quality of search," and especially for complex algorithms to work with the Russian language, a good study which allows the company to maintain leadership in the Russian market, bypassing even the world leader — Google. "Kaspersky Lab", according to the authors of Fast Company, «the former hacker turned to the army of fighters against viruses" and ABBYY awarded for the successful implementation of the OCR.

Also in the top ten included JSC "RUSNANO" Corporation "Rosatom", the chip maker M2M Telematics, a manufacturer of LEDs "OptoGaN", the manufacturer of smart cards "Micron", the manufacturer of aircraft engines "Saturn" and the oil company "Lukoil".

Earlier, Fast Company published a similar study for the whole world by the 50 most innovative companies. "Yandex" and "Kaspersky Lab" won in the ranking 26 th and 32 th, respectively.

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Yandex — Russia’s largest search engine and web portal. According Liveinternet of December 2010, the share of the search market Yandex — 64%. Yandex is also present in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Yandex main task — to respond to users’ questions. Everyone, everywhere and always.

To create a modern search technology, we need intimate knowledge of the mathematics, data analysis, programming, other disciplines. Thanks to a long tradition of Russian science and education, Yandex managed to create a strong team of professionals who did Yandex one of the leading IT-companies in Russia. Employs more than 3,000 people

In 2010, revenue in rubles Yandex has increased compared to the previous year by 43% and amounted to 12.5 billion rubles (410 million dollars).

By the summer of 2009, "Yandex" took 7th place in the list of top search engines, ahead of competitors in the rate of growth (+94% YoY). Fall, the company has transferred to Sberbank its "golden share". Now, without the consent of the State Bank, no one can consolidate more than 25% of "Yandex". In an interview with "The secret of the company," company CEO Arkadiy Dobkin explained by the fact that the search engine has become "part of the infrastructure of the country." In this connection, he said, needs "transparent rules for existing and potential investors." Thus, the company can be officially considered a national treasure.

Yandex Office
(Although it is called Yandex house)

Educational programs
School data analysis opened in 2007. Initiated the establishment of the company "Yandex". She took over the funding of schools. The main purpose of the School is to train professionals — both for Yandex, as well as for the IT-industry as a whole — in the processing and analysis of data and extract information from the Internet.
"Internet Mathematics" — a series of competitions organized by Yandex. The main content of the contest — a competition to solve real problems with real data. Topics competitions machine learning ranking, the prediction of traffic congestion, the visual similarity between images.
Yandex and Microsoft Research are a series of scientific seminars entitled "Information retrieval and analysis of data." Lectures are leading researchers to analyze the data and information retrieval — both domestic and foreign.


May 19, 2010 — "Yandex" launches alpha version of the search for foreign websites for domain
April 29, 2011 — "Yandex" has officially confirmed its intention to hold an IPO on NASDAQ

Read more in the press release Yandex

And Yandex is looking for talented and motivated start-up teams from all over the world, ready to talk about their projects and find joint ways of developing them.


The Russian company ABBYY (until 1997 BIT Software) was founded in 1989 in Moscow 4th year student of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), David Yang. To date, ABBYY is a leading software developer and service provider in the field of pattern recognition and document capture, linguistics and translation. In the Russian market ABBYY — a unique leading company in the field of both linguistic technologies and services.

Currently, the ABBYY Group employs more than 1,000 people. 70% of head office staff — are scientists, programmers, engineers and linguists involved in the development of software products.

The development of all products ABBYY company’s history has been spent 4,000 man-years.

ABBYY office

Educational programs

Department of "Recognition of images and text processing" of the faculty of innovation and high technology (FIOT) MIPT was founded in 2006. Leading experts of ABBYY now read at the Department of courses in programming and software architecture, management, IT-projects, user interface design, pattern recognition and text, natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

Director of Linguistic Research ABBYY Vladimir Selegey lecture
in the course "The linguistic basis automatic processing of text."


December 15, 2010 — Within the framework of the project "Skolkovo" Company ABBYY, intends to develop an understanding of systems development, analysis and translation of natural language. (Aka Compreno)
February 24, 2011 — ABBYY will receive a grant of "Skolkovo" for 475 million rubles

For details, refer to recommend an interview CEO ABBYY

Kaspersky Lab

"Kaspersky Lab" — the most famous in Russia for its protection from malware, spam and hacker attacks, and the largest antivirus company in Europe. It is surely one of the four leading manufacturers of software solutions for information security for end-users.

In the "Kaspersky Lab" employs over 2,000 highly qualified specialists.

Revenues in 2010 increased by 38% compared with 2009 and amounted to 538 million U.S. dollars.

Office Kaspersky Lab

Educational programs

In 2004, "Kaspersky Lab" presented a program for secondary and vocational training institutions "School of Kaspersky." For higher education institutions that train IT-specialists developed a separate program — "Kaspersky Academy". It is aimed at both teaching staff and students at technical colleges who intend to continue working in the field of information technology and information security.

Practice on the basis of "Kaspersky Lab"
During the school year, you enthusiastically engaged in the protection of information against today’s cyber threats? — In order to test and consolidate your learning, you can choose one of the programs for the students on the basis of "Kaspersky Lab".

Annually on a competitive basis, "Kaspersky Lab" finances the implementation of innovative projects in a certain period of time. The competition is open to students, graduate students, young scientists, university professors, members of the Academy of Sciences.

Final Year Projects
If you are interested in the problems of the protection of information from electronic threats, the "Kaspersky Lab" offers a wide range of topics for future research paper. The best specialists of the company, their knowledge and experience will be for you reliable support in the way of scientific research.

IT Security Conference for the Next Generation
The aim of the conference is to bring together specialists, young scientists, researchers studying the problem of computer security for the exchange of experience, innovation, and improve safety in the area of information technology. To provide support to young scientists for research in the field of information security.

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