The Russian manufacturer of avionics Transas bought Swiss Revue Thommen

The group of companies "Transas" (St. Petersburg) and the Swiss company Revue Thommen announced the purchase of the Swiss manufacturer of the Russian company, and plans a strategic partnership in the aviation market. As stated in the press release, the purpose of the transaction — the growth of sales of avionics "Transas" on the international markets with the production base of the company Thommen, a certified EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), as well as its extensive network and long experience of selling a large customer base.

"In the aviation business," Transas "partnership with an international player opens up new market opportunities. In addition, we rely on the joint development of new products and the expansion of our production capacity, "- said Viktor Godunov, vice-president of the group "Transas".

Disclose the amount of the transaction the parties did not, the annual sales of Revue Thommen last year was about $ 20 million

Revue Thommen — the world’s leading manufacturer of electro-mechanical aircraft instruments and even producing watches in Switzerland under its own brand. After the transaction, the Swiss company will continue to manufacture its products at its facility in Switzerland, but the two companies will focus more on joint development. Revue Thommen already offers manufacturers a helicopter searchlight development "Transas".

Given the fact that "Transas" is the only Russian company whose integrated avionics systems on helicopters western production (eight helicopters ES135 production Eurocopter, ordered "Gazpromavia", equipped with avionics "Transas"), the purchase of which has nearly one hundred years the reputation of the Swiss manufacturer of high-precision electro-mechanical systems will be the beginning of penetration "Transas" on world markets avionics, says expert at the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Konstantin Makiyenko. In fact, this is the first case of its kind for the Russian business aviasistem — formerly state KLA announced plans to purchase European companies making major aircraft components, but so far everything has been studying the situation.

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