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CJSC "Micros" develops and manufactures a wide range of management and control systems based on microprocessor technology and industrial computers. All products are based on modern computing environments are constantly updated with the general progress of computer technology, and is fully equipped with the original software. The most important principle of the enterprise — a high-quality after-sales service of products produced.

Currently produced by JSC "Micros" technique, mainly divided into two major areas: integrated security systems, and numerical control system.

Under the first component company develops and manufactures perimeter security systems and facilities and security sensors.

 The first model of perimeter security systems — "Owl" — was developed and put on production in 1998 Since then it has been significantly improved and developed, and is now commercially available base model "Micros-02", as well as different sets of expansion and sub-systems: a set of the guard, CCTV security system, the system of access control, remote control system, uninterruptible power supplies, etc. Since that time, released in various configurations over 300 data security systems. The main consumer of integrated security systems is the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service, institutions that perimeter security systems and facilities operating successfully throughout the country — from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok and from Arkhangelsk to Makhachkala. System of "Micros-02" have been successfully used, as well, and abroad.

In 2001, developed and put on the production of capacitive sensor for perimeter security "Micros-101." The principle of operation of security detector is based on the control of the capacitance change kozyrkovogozagrazhdeniya perimeter of the penetration of the offender. Applied for the first time in the country’s patented microprocessor-based digital signal processing method allowed the barriers to implement a complex adaptive, highly sensitive signal detection algorithm penetration and its separation from the noise in the highly variable atmospheric conditions, as well as to realize the setting of the detection and diagnosis of the remote. Produced and successfully applied, including in harsh climatic conditions of the North, has over 4 million pieces of capacitive detectors "Micros-101."

Since 2006, commercially available from the company developed triboelectric sensor for perimeter security "Micros-102." The principle of operation of the vibration detector is based on the triboelectric effect that occurs when overcoming obstacles by climbing over or break. Triboelectric detector "Micros-102" is also patented. Produced and used successfully for nearly two thousand pieces of intrusion detectors, "Micros-102."

The second direction of the company designs and manufactures CNC system and is upgrading CNC machine tools.

In the early 2000’s. developed and is commercially available in 2003 model line of CNC systems "Micros-12" with the architecture of industrial computer. Available in the control model "Micros-12" for lathes and machining centers for milling machines and machining centers, for cylindrical grinding and surface grinding machines, for EDM copying broaching machines for high-precision lathes (ultrapretsizionnyh) machine tools, as well as accessories — remote control manual control, indication and relay modules to connect to the CNC machines. All models of CNC systems "Micros-12" have a common hardware base and different software. Software CNC systems "Micros-12" is built on a proprietary operating system, hard real-time, reliably and comprehensively provides multitasking. The basic software control system aimed at providing complete functional adequacy for machines of all technology groups, ease of connection to the machines, the ease and convenience of the operator, the ability to manage high-precision machine tools and ultrapretsizionnymi, full compensation of errors mechanics of machines and tools, facilitating the diagnosis of possible malfunctions and errors in the , remote communication and monitoring of the machine on the local network using the protocol TCP / IP.

At present, the forces of the JSC "Micros" and its partners in the modernization of machine CNC systems "Micros-12" was successfully fitted with more than 75 different models of lathes and milling machines and OTs, cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, grinding, EDM, ultrapretsizionnyh machine tools. 


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