The Russian military base in Abkhazia commissioned simulator anti-missile systems

MOSCOW, January 10. / ITAR-TASS /. The Russian military base in Abkhazia commissioned unified simulator for training operators of anti-missile systems / LAW / "Storm-S", told Itar-Tass news service of the Southern Military District, Colonel Igor Gorbul.


"The possibilities of the new simulator allows soldiers to train artillery units guidance and firing with space for fixed and moving targets, to simulate the trajectory of a projectile motion and purposes, the size of which varies with the distance, create an operator acting on the shot noise — illumination, sound, smoke ‘, — He said.

"Training on the simulator saves money and skills to successfully vaccinate operators to combat work, — He said. — At the final stage of preparation in April of this year, operators ATGM "Storm-C" will perform live fire at one of the ranges in the Krasnodar region. "

"Storm-S" is designed to destroy tanks, armored personnel carriers, silnoukreplennyh goals, and air targets at altitudes up to 3 thousand meters. The complex is equipped with a missile flying at supersonic speeds and can be placed on infantry combat vehicles, armored personnel carriers, tanks and helicopters. Maximum range ATGM is 6 km.

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