The Russian military base in Armenia receives new samples


This year, the Russian military base stationed in the Republic of Armenia, received new mobile command posts (PPU) for anti-aircraft missile units. The kit includes an advanced foam equipment automatic transmission, as well as internal and external communications, as well as GLONASS receivers for orienteering, night vision devices, radiation and chemical reconnaissance.
 The possibility of new complexes are capable of detecting more than 100 aerial targets within a radius of 100 km and simultaneously track more than 10 of them.

Also in the summertime training personnel of mechanized infantry, reconnaissance, artillery and other units of the military base for the first time in the course of combat training in the practice of applying modern navigators "Perun", "Grotto" and "Breeze".

New navigation equipment uses a frequency range signal has a high resistance, greater accuracy in determining the coordinates and increased resource supplies.

Navigators are able to work up to 12 hours in active mode at temperatures from -30 ° C to +55 ° C, under conditions of high humidity and exposure to rain. With their help, you can program up to 200 routes.

This year, the re-Russian military base with modern armaments and military equipment will continue. In particular, in the near future in connection arrive fire tanker AC 6-40. A new special purpose vehicle, created on the basis of a sports utility vehicle KAMAZ-43118 chassis with a wheelbase 6×6. Also signalers Russian military base will receive the latest mobile satellite communication station "Downpour" based army truck "Ural-43203 ‘terrain and modernized command and staff vehicles 145BM1 R-based APC.

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