The Russian military base in South Ossetia coming young recruits

More than 700 specialists — graduates of training centers Russian Ministry of Defense, having a special training course, came to the Russian military base of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), stationed on the territory of the Republic of South Ossetia. To their arrival were commissioned six new modern well-appointed two-story barracks, educational building, a medical center and headquarters management. These facilities were built in addition to the existing office facilities of military base for military personnel living in barracks.
The barracks are equipped with all necessary facilities to house military personnel, with places for leisure activities, sports activities, as well as office space for the operation of the officer corps of troops connection.

Construction of barracks was carried out on new technologies, including the highlands of modern building materials. Bedrooms, room for official and cultural and leisure areas are fully staffed relying furniture and appliances, as well as all the necessary in accordance with the directives, orders, instructions and statutes Forces soldiers for the full stay.

The construction of cultural and leisure center, sports complex, a kindergarten for 90 people, a swimming pool with six 25-meter swimming lanes and a 4-storey house on 32 apartments for living soldiers performing military service under the contract, together with their families.

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