The Russian military have started preparations for the establishment of the Republic of

Belarus joint air base

MINSK, June 6. (ARMS-TASS). In Belarus today comes the Russian military delegation headed by the commander in chief of the Air Force Viktor Bondarev for the selection of sites for the new Russian air base.

"Will come rekognostsirovschikov group led by the chief of the Air Force, which will in the near future, I think in the next two to three weeks, the selection of the airfield to base Russian airbase to put all of what we have agreed," — said a day earlier by Minister Russian Defense Sergei Shoigu on the results of the meeting of the Council of Defense Ministers of the CIS.

According to him, in the current year will be commandant of aviation, in addition, in the near future is expected to appear here first aircraft that will be part of the joint Belarusian-Russian airbase.

"The need for such a unit here including provide assistance and support in the development of aviation and air forces of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus", — said Shoigu.

In April, during a visit to Minsk, the head of the Russian Defense Ministry said in a meeting with President Alexander Lukashenko, the parties proceed to the consideration of a plan to create a "here Russian airbase with fighter planes." "We hope that in 2015 there will Aviation Regiment. In 2013, we will create the aircraft commander’s office and put the first link-duty combat fighters" — said the Russian minister.

The Belarusian president, commenting on the statement by Sergei Shoigu told reporters that the placement of the Russian air base on the territory of Belarus still too early to say — it’s about the delivery of modern combat aircraft in the Belarusian armed forces. Lukashenko noted that the form in which it is done, not yet determined.

Meanwhile, Russian diplomats were informed that Russia and Belarus discuss the possibility of strengthening the defense of the Union State, including those relating to the supplies of Belarusian and Russian military aircraft or creating an air base on the territory of Belarus.

In May, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also commented on the possible establishment of an air base in Belarus, noting that it is not related to missile defense. "From a purely military point of view of the Air Force in the form in which the matter was discussed between Russia and Belarus is not related to missile defense," — he told reporters when asked whether the possible establishment of an air base in Belarus, the Russian response European missile defense.

As the Belarusian analysts, the beginning of 2013 in the Belarusian Air Force was formed as a clear lack of aircraft that can destroy airborne targets and combat vehicles designed to perform strike missions. One of the solutions to the problems they just called the deployment of Russian air base at one of the local airports.

Under assumptions of experts airbase may stay in Baranovichy or Bereza (Brest region). The appearance of an air base on the territory of Belarus, they note, is not a violation of the Constitution, because it is not written that Belarus is a neutral state.

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