The Russian military will acquire virtual reality helmets


After a few years, the Russian army should get a helmet with a transparent screen — for its user the image of the real situation will be superimposed visual information from other sources. On this "Marker" said a source in the Ministry of Industry. This project will be part of the state defense order for 2012 and the planning period of 2013-2014. The first prototype will be in 2014, its creation is planned to allocate about 90 million rubles from the budget.

After a few years, the Russian military should get a "video module small-sized display system" (VMMSI) — the screen for personal use, providing a composite image of the real situation and the information from the wearable or airborne weapons, military and special equipment (AMSE). VMMSI will be placed on the helmet of a soldier. Thus, the soldiers will be able to get real-time data on your helmet — from the operational headquarters or military equipment.

"Shlemovizor" will consist of several blocks. The main is called "module mikrodispleyny with combiner" — translucent glass that allows to combine the real and virtual image. Electronic interface modules and combining maps allow more information to appear in the right place at the field of view. According to the "Marker", the entire system will have a separate power supply. It is not known whether it will be fixed on the helmet, or placed on another part of military ammunition.

For an explanation of the principles of the helmet "Marker" appealed to the Federal State Unitary Enterprise SPC "GOI. SI Vavilov. " It is an institution holds a patent on the optical system of a helmet-mounted display. The official said the GOI Alexander Starkov, one of the authors of the project, scale-model device has already passed the first test. "This system allows you to place additional information directly into your field of view — says Starks — so do not have to switch attention."

The expert also noted that "the GOI. SI Vavilov "developing a similar system for the pilots of planes and helicopters. But the helmet can be used for ground troops — just as the military is increasingly using night vision goggles.

At the first stage of development should form an image VMMSI Ramer 600 × 800 pixels, the resolution later increase up to 1280 x 1024 pixels. Further information will be drawing three colors.

VMMSI must prevent blindness serviceman if ambient light is too bright, the adaptive filter delay of the light — as is done in the glasses, "chameleon".

"Russia wants to use the Western experience and take a step forward in terms of technology, — the weapons expert" Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, "Vladimir Shcherbakov. — This thing is not superfluous, but it is important, what information will be getting a fighter. If only the position and direction — it’s not necessary, it is not a "treasure hunter." Here, for example, the ability for helicopter pilots using such a system to monitor its parameters to use a virtual reality system for launching rockets Shcherbakov deems appropriate.

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