The Russian national team has exceeded the output shown in the last Paralympics in Beijing

September 4th Russian Paralympic team won 13 medals, of which the most gold — 7 awards. Also athletes won two silver and four bronze medals.

Swimmer Oksana Savchenko and Margarita Goncharova athlete won his third gold medal at the Paralympic Games. First fastest swam the 100m freestyle, and the second won 4x100m relay in the Anastasia Ovsyannikova, Svetlana Sergeeva, Elena Ivanova.

On his second "gold" won athletes Alexei Ashapatov in the shot put, Fedor Trykolych in the women’s 100m, Eugene Swedes — in the 400 m

Also won a gold medal Elena Pautov — in the women’s 1,500 m and swimmer Constantine Lisenkov (back, 100 m). "Silver" Denis Tarasov swimmers won the 100m back and Alexander Nevolin light (freestyle, 100 m). "Bronze" took Stepanida Artahinova in block onions, swimmers Alexander Golintovsky the 400 meters freestyle, Olesya Vladykina in the 100 m backstroke and Daria Stukalova (freestyle, 100 m).

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