The Russian national team won the team of Azerbaijan


Meeting the group F ended with the score 1-0 in favor of Fabio Capello. The only goal in the 84th minute with a penalty scored Roman Shirokov.

Among the players, four days ago, started the game with the Portuguese, this time the players did not have the right wing Vladimir Bystrov and Alexander Anyukov. Place midfielder took Alexander Samedov, and closer to their goal located Andrew Eshchenko. Versatile player, "Locomotive" could appear on the left side to replace Dmitry Kombarova, but on game day is the only team in the "clean" right back Anyukov is injured. As for the launch of the national team of Azerbaijan, notable was the absence among the names of the eleven players Sadykova captain Rashad, who was never able to recover from the trauma of the match.

Starting a Russian football was not formed in the best way: Azeris until the fifth minute were in the opponent’s half of the field. Since a long time favorite of the meeting to press their gates allow the standard provisions. At the opening meeting of the team Berti Vogts was playing three times a corner, but to a dangerous shot from Igor Akinfeev is not reached. As a result, in the 35th minute CSKA goalkeeper surpassed the recent achievement of his colleague Vyacheslav Malafeev, who spent 653 "dry" minutes in goal team.


To the last minute of the first half, the Russian team is completely dominated the game. Repulsed the onslaught in the first minute, the hosts began to methodically break opponent’s defense. A couple of dangerous attacks from the middle distance struck the captain Igor Denisov, next shot went over the bar after "shot" Alexander Kokorin, good free-kick struck Kombarov Alexander Kerzhakov from the vantage point hit the crossbar. In general, the game looked Russians smoothly, but the shot of the subordinates Capello did not turn out.

It is worth paying attention to one of the first attacks, where a penalty after a push in the back fell Eshchenko. Referee meeting Alexander Stavrev violations are not seen. Do not see the violations at the judge and defender near the end of the match, when Eshchenko taken in a "box", stopping his breakthrough to the gate.

The second half initially proceeded rather sluggishly. Capello, like in the last game, in the second half in place of Victor Faizulina released Denis Glushakov, but the key was not this change, and the one that occurred in the 62 th minute, when instead Samedova came quickly. It became the "creator" penalty, which led to the only goal in this meeting: zenitovets was not stopped by the rules of the penalty area, to the "point" came Shirokov, who successfully beat the goalkeeper Kamran Agayev. In the remaining minutes, guests weakened defensive acumen that allowed the Russians to hold a series of dangerous attacks, but no gate Agayev any gate Akinfeev scored more goals were not. Moreover, the team Vogts never once failed to make the target CSKA (the Russians caused sighting 7 strokes).

The Russians kept the lead in the group: after four games in their 12 credit points for those who walk after the Portuguese — 6 points and played one match less. In this case, the Russians never allowed to excel their rivals, having won all the victories with the "dry" account. Capello‘s next opponent will be the team match against Northern Ireland, the game will be held March 23, 2013 in Belfast. 

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