The Russian Navy will receive up to 2020 up to ten submarines of the Ash

Submarine Forces of the Navy (Navy), Russia will have until 2020 to ten new multipurpose nuclear submarine of the fourth generation of the "Severodvinsk" (Project 885, the code "Ash"), told RIA Novosti on Friday, a senior official of the Main Staff of the Russian Navy.

This year, the Russian fleet should be adopted submarine of this series, "Severodvinsk". On the "Sevmash" the second boat is being built "Kazan". Until the end of the third year will be laid boat project.

"It is expected that in the next ten years we will have about ten new multi-purpose submarines of" Severodvinsk "," — said the admiral.

The nineteenth of March in Russia will mark the 105th anniversary of the establishment of submarine forces of Russia.

The interviewee noted that a distinguishing feature of these ships will be a unified system for virtually all types of fire cruise missiles from the "Onyx" to "Calibre". "Will these missiles to shoot and ground targets at a distance of 2,500 kilometers," — he said.

The admiral said that there were no problems with the commissioning of submarines of this type are not. "Now there is a planned shooting of organic weapons," — he said.

Project 885 submarine has a displacement of 8.6 tysyach/13, 8000 tons. Size — 119h13, 5×9, 4 m. Maximum depth — 600 meters. Speed — 16/31 knots. Crew — 90 people (32 officers).

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