The Russian program for iPhone / iPad to integrate the mobile Internet has reached recognition in 66 countries

The Russian program for iPhone / iPad to integrate the mobile Internet Download Meter among the ten best-selling utilities in 66 countries. This is the only application to monitor the consumption of mobile Internet that supports 11 languages, including Russian.

The program was published almost three years ago (10 September 2009) and was the first program to account for the consumption of mobile Internet devices from Apple. A large part of this success is due to a partnership with other Russian specialists in different fields.

In developing the program have been used little-known features of the operating system for the iPhone / iPad, as a result of which it was the only way to account for the mobile Internet for about 8 months. Only then competitors from other countries were able to "see through" the principle of its work and to create analogs to copy her behavior and function.

From the very first day of presence in the app store, Download Meter is protected unique protection from Russian developers — KaliAp. Because of this, for three years and has not appeared running a hacked version of the application.

It is noteworthy that the increase in popularity of the program was carried out with the help of service promotion applications iSpreadNews, also founded by Russian specialists.

Until recently, Apple devices were available 5 applications for continuous monitoring of the consumption of the mobile Internet and notification of reaching the limit on the mobile Internet. According to mysterious reasons, in January 2012, Apple has decided to deal with such applications, forcing manufacturers to remove support for the continuous monitoring and alarm limit is reached (probably done at the request of cellular operators).

In February 2012 Apple prevents update Download Meter, demanding the release of a stripped-down version of the program under the threat of withdrawal from sale. 5 of applications on the market at the moment is only 2 applications with a complete set of functions — domestic and Download Meter program Threshold of Americans, two programs have been withdrawn from sale, while one — the authors have cut functionality under pressure Apple. The program costs about 66 rubles — exactly 2 times cheaper than a second analog, and has a lot more features.


So there wishing to get acquainted with the program Download Meter just a few days. Unfortunately, installing any applications on the Apple device is only possible from the store, from which Apple will likely remove the program.


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