The Russian system of surface water discharge in the design and construction phases

Each year, the pace of construction has grown significantly, and the question of collecting and draining of rainwater and meltwater becomes mandatory in the engineering equipment of every modern facility. With the development of new technologies livnevki had a new look. Now that’s effective modern system of storm water drainage.

Linear drainage is one type of surface drainage. The device does not require a linear drainage serious preparation of the surface of just a flat slopes on both sides of the drain line. This reduces the probability of subsidence, reduced length of storm water channels, increasing the catchment area. Linear drainage is a system of underground trenches (drainage channels, troughs) and trash boxes — containers in which the delayed imposed on the flow of water, sand and debris, serving as a bridge between the surface water drainage and underground storm sewers. On top of a sand trap drainage trays and covered with a protective and decorative drainage grates.

  • Drainage systems
  • Drainage systems

Drainage trays are made of reinforced fiber concrete, polymer concrete and high-strength cold-resistant plastic. Drainage trays, like the entire drainage system, classified by type, and stress.

A15 — The pedestrian zone. Individual and private buildings, parks, sidewalks, bike paths, etc.

B125 — Individual construction, private garages, car parks, etc.

C250 — Places with light traffic transport. Roadsides, parking lots, garages, service centers, etc.

D400 — gas stations, car washes, industrial zones, transport terminals, roads and automobile etc. 

E600 — Landscaping cities, airports, harbors, industrial plants, gas stations, transportation terminals, warehouses, etc.

F900 — What’s with extreme loads on the road surface. Airports, freight terminals, etc.

Drainage trays are equipped with drainage grates, which also come in both standard and enhanced (series maxi).  

Trays drainage, drainage grating and livnevki series MAXI withstand loads of up to 60 and 90 tons. Drainage trays are made of reinforced concrete of Fiber and polymer concrete. Grates Standartpark maxi made of high quality cast iron, Class E and F. Also in the line of trays in this series have plastic trays of reinforced high-strength cold-resistant plastic.

Installation of drainage and sewerage (livnevki) is carried out on the concrete preparation (see drawing). Termoshvy sealed with sealants Maksdzhoynt Ellastik, Polidek, Vitrafin Bond or conventional bitumen (for details about sealants and mastics … >>>). By preparing to pour the concrete rubble and sand. 

Due to its versatility, the system of drainage Standartpark can be mounted both on direct and radially. Subject to the same and different compounds, "T-shaped", "H-shaped", "L-shaped corner." The benefits of gutters series MAXI stands include the fact that for the same width of drainage trays can be of different height or variable cross-section (internal bias) that allows you to create an artificial slope livnevki and build wastewater lines on different types of objects.

Due to its high reliability, versatility and affordability, linear drainage system Standartpark production are widely used in numerous sites in Russia:

Kazan — the Kremlin;

Volgograd — the football stadium;

Tver — and pedestrian areas;

Naberezhnye Chelny — streets, avenues, squares;

Sport in Ekaterinburg;

Supermarkets in Krasnodar;

Ladoga station;

Peter and Paul Fortress;

Tobacco Factory, "Philip Morris Izhora";

Moscow — Station "F";

Krylatskoje (Center skating);

Business center "Moscow City";

Airport "Vnukovo";

Ice Palace, Kolomna;

Hypermarket "Mega", Novosibirsk, Russia;

Factory "Volkswagen";

Sheremetyevo — 1;

TC "METRO", Rostov-on-Don, Kursk;

Dinamo Volgograd Stadium;

Hypermarket "IKEA", Samara;

OBJECTS Saransk and Mordovia

Square in the street Bolshevik, near the temple of it. Ushakov — Saransk, Republic of Mordovia.

The area around the Opera House, Saransk.

The neighborhood is a new light and music fountain in Saransk.

An area of 1000 anniversary of the unification of the people of Mordovia with the people of Russia.

The territory of the RCD (the central part of the city of Saransk)

And many others. See all items … >>>

In the office of TSK "GidroSar" You can get more information about the sewerage system Standartpark, catchment trays Standartpark, storm drains and rainwater Standartpark, gullies Standartpark, sand trap, storm drainage system Standartpark, watersheds and drainage wells Standartpark, drainage trays Standartpark standard series and Maxi series, grille livnevki, drains Standartpark, as well as catalogs and obtain assistance in the preparation of the project on arrangement of the adjacent territory. We carry out work on the installation of systems of linear drainage trays livnevki, lawn grids, borders, coir carpets and coverings, etc. For details, see "Services".

  • Trays, livnevki, sewerage, Standartpark Saransk
  • Trays, livnevki, sewerage, Standartpark Saransk

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