The Russian T-90 tank equipped with dynamic protection Relic


Steel Institute (Moscow) is equipped with T-90 tank universal complex dynamic protection (RS) modular "Relic". "The premiere of the modernized Russian tank with unique protection will be held at the international exhibition of arms and military equipment in Nizhny Tagil from 8 to 12 September," — said the institute.

The new element DZ used entirely new composition of the explosive, which works effectively against current and future cumulative, including tandem ammunition, and against armor piercing projectiles podkadlibernyh. In contrast to the production complex "Contact-5", "Relic" is equally reliable performance and low-speed projectiles, and high speed, the press service said.

The report emphasizes that the complex "Relic" "has no analogues abroad or in Russia." "It can be installed on any tanks, both new and in-use, increasing their resistance protivokumulyativnymi at least twice, protivosnaryadnuyu — in half. System weight of 2.5 tons, "- said in a press release.

At the same time, the president of JSC "Institute of Steel" Valery Grigoryan said: "For us," Relic "- already passed stage." "On the approach fundamentally new development. We use brand new energetic compositions, which are much more efficient and safer explosives "- quoted the press service Grigoryan," Interfax ".

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