The Russian team at the London Olympics has surpassed its own output 4-year-old

At this time, the Russian athletes took 24 gold medals in the bank as a whole team had 82 awards. In Beijing, the members of the Russian team became champions 23 times, just as they have earned 73 medals in various denominations.

Three more gold medals today, Russian athletes won at the Olympics in London. Russia won the first place in the men’s volleyball, gymnastics and boxing. Russian athletes have made final push toward the end of the Olympics. Volleyball players in a grueling fight literally snatched the gold of the Brazilians, multiple world champions, including Olympic. The first two sets Russians passed with a significant lag, but in the middle of the meeting wards coach Vladimir Alekno changed the course of the game. 3:2 in favor of Russia — and the first Olympic gold of our volleyball team. In Brazil — silver, and bronze will go to Italy. Triumph of the day was also a boxer Egor Mehontsev. In the final battle, he scored equal points with his rival Kazakh Adilbek Niyazimbetovym. After some discussion, the judges awarded the victory of Russian. Another gold brought the Russian gymnasts. In the group all-around athletes ahead of our competitors from Belarus and Italy, which were, accordingly, silver and bronze. For the Russian national rhythmic gymnastics is the fourth consecutive Olympic victory.

Total Russian athletes won 24 of the Olympic Games gold medals. In the unofficial overall medal standings, our country ranks fourth after U.S., China and the UK.

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