The Russian team has become a two-time world champion in underwater robotics.

They say our education is degraded and our kids do not want anything in this life. These guys from Vladivostok to the contrary! Our education and youth the best! With their next victory! Last weekend in Orlando, Florida passed international competition in long-distance unmanned underwater vehicles (underwater robots) MATE International ROV Competition, 2012.
The team from Vladivostok became the champion of the competition, thus becoming to date, a two-time world champion.

  • The team from Vladivostok

This is the fifth event, which was attended by a team of Vladivostok.
Performance history:
2008 — 8th place;
2009 — 4th place;
2010 — 1st place;
2011 — 4th place;
2012 — 1st place.

This student team Palo (previously always a joint team of Far Eastern National University and FENTU), mentoring of which are supervised by staff MPPI (Institute of Marine Technology).

Competition rules (if anyone is interested).

Technical details remotely operated robot winning team (until the file is removed from public display).

Well podium in 2012:

Explorer class overall winners 1st place Far Eastern Federal University,
2nd place Purdue University,
3rd place Jesuit High School

You can congratulate moun.

UPD: Articles of past years on these topics:
Article 1 (about 2009);
Article 2 (specifications robot 2010);
Article 3 (the message of the first victory);
Article 4 (video competition).

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