The Russian-Ukrainian cooperation in the field of nuclear medicine

January 25 by the president of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Academician of the NAS of Ukraine Boris Paton held Ukrainian-Russian meeting on cooperation in the field of nuclear medicine. The event was attended by representatives of the State Corporation "Rosatom", headed by Deputy Director General V. Pershukova and Fuel Corporation "fuel elements" headed by Vice-President Vladimir Konstantinov, and the president of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Academician Anatoly Serdyukov and the first Deputy Chairman of the State Agency on Science, Innovations and Informatization of Ukraine Academician B. Green.

On the development of the national project "Nuclear technology and electrical equipment for medicine," reported the chairman of the interdepartmental working group on the draft National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine V. Storizhko. The event addressed issues in the introduction of modern medical practice of nuclear medicine, which depends on the effectiveness of medical care for patients with cancer.

In recent years the death rate from cancer in the Russian Federation and Ukraine increased substantially. In quantitative terms oncology is the second cause of mortality after cardiovascular diseases. Time despite the high, in general, the level of development of nuclear science and technology in Ukraine and Russia, the development of nuclear technology for medical equipment with modern equipment behind at 5-10 times the world level.

Accelerate the development of nuclear medicine in Russia and Ukraine, including the latest directions — Hadron and neutron therapy, targeted delivery of radiopharmaceuticals based on nano-and biotechnology to promote closer cooperation between the two countries. Joint venture will provide an opportunity to equip the clinic in Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries, the modern competitive equipment.

The meeting proposed to initiate an appeal to the Russian and Ukrainian parts of the Committee on Economic Cooperation of the Russian-Ukrainian commission with a proposal to bring to the Interstate Commission the issue of creating a cluster of Russian-Ukrainian "Nuclear Physics Technology for Medicine" and to prepare the Interstate program in the field of nuclear medicine software its annual funding from the budgets of the participating countries.

In addition, the parties agreed to focus cooperation on the following priorities:

— Development and manufacturing of linear accelerators and cyclotrons for diagnosis and treatment, as well as new technologies and methods for their use;
— Development and production of the accelerator and diagnostic equipment to the latest technology of nuclear medicine — Hadron, neytronozahvatnoi and neutron therapy;
— The development of new nuclear physics technologies and diagnostic equipment (SPECT, PET, MRI scanners and hybrid systems);
— Design and manufacture of accelerators for radiation sterilization of disposable medical equipment and supplies;
— The development of new technologies Electric living tissues;
— The development of innovative technologies for the production of radionuclides of nuclear medicine;
— Development and production of radiopharmaceuticals, new means of targeted delivery using nano-and biotechnologies and methods for their manufacture;
— Development and production of pharmaceuticals based on stable isotopes.

Also, the parties who participated in the meeting were invited to consider the establishment of a joint venture in Ukraine as part of the nuclear cluster and the organization of mutual transfer of technologies for the production of innovative products.

For its part, the Ukrainian side has undertaken the preparation of appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the formation of the state order for the products of Ukrainian-Russian company to equip clinics in Ukraine, participating in pre-clinical and clinical trials, as well as the implementation of pilot projects.

For the organization of the joint activities of the parties reached an agreement on the question whether the creation of the Coordinating Committee. According to the results of the meeting signed a protocol in which fixed the arrangements.

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