The Russian women’s and men’s teams in modern pentathlon became champions of Europe

July 8 in Sofia (Bulgaria), the championship of Europe in modern pentathlon. The Russian women‘s and men’s teams have won gold medals.

Russian women’s team, which included were Evdokia Grechishnikova, Donata Rimshayte and Catherine Khuraskina, won the gold medal after seven years. In the individual competition Russians failed to win medals, but they eventually finished in the top ten, including Evdokia Grechishnikova and Catherine Khuraskina for whom this tournament is one of the stages of preparation for the main start of the season — the Olympic Games in London.

The same pattern and made our men’s team. In the individual competition of the best Russian athletes became Ilya Frolov, who the bronze medal were just three seconds. The members of our Olympic team Andrey Moiseev and Alexander Lesun were taken by the 8 th and 9 th place. In the team competition, our team won the first place, thus repeating his success in 2011.

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