The Russians came to the U.S. aviation industry

Epic Aircraft — privately owned U.S. company that specializes in the production of "designer" turboprop aircraft, has announced that it will have a new owner — Russian holding company. Holding company "Engineering" includes a unit for maintenance and repair (MRO) of aircraft and detached from the airline S7 (up to rebrand it was called "Siberia"). The holding includes "S7 Engineering", "Siberia Technician" and aircraft maintenance base (ATB) Moscow Domodedovo Airport. 

Epic Aircraft, based in Bend (Ore.) produces kits for assembly "at home" light turboprop aircraft. The company portfolio includes two models — Epic LT (Luxury Turbine), able to lift into the air 6-8 people, and the five-seat Epic Escape. The cost of kits for the assembly of these aircraft is $ 1.9 million and $ 1.25 million respectively. In addition, the company is preparing a general aviation pilots (CLI). 

The economic crisis has crippled many U.S. manufacturers of aircraft kits "do it yourself". Their shared destiny and Epic Aircraft, which in 2009 came under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. 

The company intends to buy the Chinese, but their desire was met with an injunction. By decision of the judges China Aviation Industry General Aircraft able to make a deal only in partnership with a group of owners of sets of Epic, which finishing work on its aircraft factory in Bend.

In the U.S., collected household aircraft (including brand Epic) recorded as experimental. The plans of the new owners of the company — the organization of a full-scale production and certification U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In this direction, some work was carried out in the past, but the dates have passed and have to start all over again. 

For the preparation of certification documents will shortly be recruited ten specialists appropriate profile. In the future, the number of "certifiers" will be increased. Run the company will continue to Duklas King, the current CEO Epic Aircraft. 

In preparation for full-scale production of Epic Aircraft will be updated to take into account advice of consultants. In addition, it is planned to establish an expert team of users (current and potential), which will be able to express their requirements for aircraft Epic. According to the participants of the process, the organization of the assembly and the certificate can take anywhere from two to four years. 

CEO of the holding "Engineering" Vladimir Perekrestov believes that diversification would benefit his company. On the other hand, the investment will allow the American aircraft builder to start a revival. 

The assets in the U.S. industry, engaged in production of aircraft caller ID, are of interest from foreign investors. We can recall the Chinese purchase of Cirrus — the second power producer of light aircraft. By Epic Aircraft in 2007, took an interest in Indian billionaire Vijay Mallya, who had intended to become a strategic partner of the company. So holding "engineering" made an interesting purchase. 

However, to ensure that these investments have paid off, will have to try. A full-scale assembly in the U.S. is too expensive to aircraft Epic LT and Escape were competitive. Would help reduce the cost of transport of the assembly (or at least part of the aircraft) in Russia. It is possible — in the "Engineering" is a former aircraft repair plant number 411, located in Minvody. To do this, you need to solve many complex technical, organizational and legal problems. However, we hope that it will be under the Siberians force.

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