The Russians — FAST!

Russian men’s national short-track won the relay at the World Cup in Sochi. Yelistratov won silver, Grigoriev — bronze.

  • Vladimir Grigoriev, Victor Eugene Ahn and Kozulin
  • Vladimir Grigoriev, Victor Eugene Ahn and Kozulin

The final day of the fifth stage of the World Cup short-track for the Russians did not start very well.Tatiana Borodulinaa failure once again performed at a distance of 500 meters, finishing in his quarter-final to finish third. Much more successful was on the iceVladimir Grigoriev, seamlessly through to the semifinals distance of 500 meters. We were pleased andOlga Belyakov, also from second place to qualify in the half mile to the finals.Semen Yelistratovat the same distance for a long time sitting behind their rivals, but the ringing of the bell, signaling the approach of the last lap, as if he has given added impetus.

Short track. World Cup
Fifth stage. Sochi


500 m second start

1. Datszin Wu (China) — 41.702
2. Yu Jian (China) — 41.814
3. Vladimir Grigoriev (Russia) — 42.044.


1. Charles Hamlin (Canada) — 1.26,957
2. Semen Yelistratov (Russia) — 1.27,034
3. Chelsky John (USA) — 1.27,069.

Relay. 5000 m

1. Russia (Evgeny Kozulin, Simon Yelistratov, Vladimir Grigoriev, Victor En) — 6.53,585
2. Netherlands — 6.53,669
3. China — 6.53,975.

Simon pulled the outer radius and nearly jumped out on top, but a Chinese Lang at the last moment managed to put Russian citizen housing. But Michael Gilday of Canada did not have time and had to finish only third, behind Elistratov place in the semi-finals.

Serious hope the fans associated with the performanceVictor Anaat a distance of 1000 meters, but the Russians had again failed to show their best qualities. An immediately took the last position and waited for the moment for a breakthrough. Acceleration he made two laps to go, and even popped it into second place, but was soon relegated to the third position, and after the completion of the race referees and all disqualified Russian. However, the main exit Ana was yet to come.

In the second semi-final race at 500 meters for men, which was attended by Grigoriev, a special control did not work. Russian and ChineseWu Datszinease escaped from CanadianGuillaume Bastilleand the BritishJohn of Oilfrom the UK by the middle of the second round. Vladimir held the second position, constantly "biting" the opponent, but then, making sure the inaccessibility of their own rears, calmly and correctly designed the finals.

Olga Belyakov, going to the final round of the semifinal race at 1,000 meters, apparently mentally said goodbye to the chances to reach the final. Russian has only rolled the fourth, and it was not visible, due to what she can to fight for second place, but Canada’s …Marianne Gelais, which tried by a sharp rebuild ahead of Chinese womanQiu-Hong Liuand take the second place, naturally "undercut" rival, after covering it on the ice. However, and most representative of the country’s maple leaf had nowhere to go but to make kitayane company in the short and unpleasant journey to the board, in parallel Beljakova clearing the way to the final. The judges, after watching the episode disqualified Canadian restoring the innocent victim Liu’s rights and giving her the opportunity to continue the fight for the victory in the final race.

There were no pleasant for us to fall in the men’s semi-final at a similar distance. Yelistratov decided not to deviate from the tactics that brought him success a couple of hours ago and quietly skipped ahead of all rivals. Half the distance to the ice situation has not changed, Charles Hamlin was leading Canadian and Russian closed the four. And when Simon was about to turn on the accelerator, the BritishJack Uelburn, rolled in front of him, on a bend caught on a chip and a couple of moments already flew to the words "Ministry of Sports of Russia", located on the segment of the protective side. ChineseLang, he felt something was wrong, just relax for a second, and then was "eaten" Elistratov, easily ahead of rivals and finished in the same time as the Canadian. Making his way, of course, in the final.

Women’s 500 meters final at the turned theater in the truest sense of the two actors. By the middle of the distance for the victory fought only ChineseFanand ItalianFontana, as their rivals — DutchTer MorsCanadian Waddell and consistently flew the distance. Fan confidence in the lead, and about 60 meters to go, acting European champion stopped fighting and agreed to second place.

Fans also looking forward to the men’s final, which kicked off Grigoriev. In contenders, he had two Chinese —SEandWu, as well as CanadianKornuaye. Vladimir started fourth, then walked to the Canadian and the third round of venture, with a wide range wedged between athletes from China. However, to gain a foothold in second place rossiyaninu failed, Yang Yu immediately regained the second position, leaving Grigorieva with bronze. This is the second in two days.

Immediately after the awards to the winners, during which Grigoriev was greeted with an ovation, started the women’s final at the 1000 meters. Olga Belyakov not managed to get on the podium, finishing fourth out of five participants, and Korean wonSong-Hee Park. On the agenda remained finale featuring Elistratova and men’s relay.

Simon spoke brilliantly. Yes, he could not win and was second, but lost to Hamlin just polkonka again tactically outplayed their opponents. A little bit of luck, and Russian would be the first, but this result Yelistratov was very pleased. As fans, athletes and acclaim quickly, immediately after the award, which began the hunt for his autograph.

For dessert remained men’s relay, in which the Russians Elistratov, Kozulin, Grigoriev and Anu had to fight for the victory with teams Netherlands, China and the UK. Of course, as our main rivals featured the Chinese, but the Dutch lost quite a bit of our guys at the recent European Championships, it was impossible to write off prematurely.

Relay race in short track — a very entertaining event. Each participant overcome by a half circle, then a sensitive push in the back sends the distance of his partner, who at the same time overcomes the same half of the circle, but on a smaller radius, in order to have time to pick up speed. In general, the scheme is simple — three laps run, three — have a rest, and then it repeats. The total distance relay for men — 5000 meters, that is, a little less than 50 laps.

Russians started slowly, the fourth position our team perfectly suited. For 39 laps to go Grigoryev came in third place, but, however, not for long. The stands began chanting "Russia! Russia", but the situation has not changed in the track. Were leading the Dutch, the British and the Chinese are located on the second and third place. For 20 laps to go, China pulled forward, but immediately responded to the British, taking the lead. After another six laps to the leaders escaped Dutch.

But it was just a warm-up. The main idea started in 10 laps to go. Yelistratov moved up to third place, the Briton crashed into the boards, Grigoriev on a bend ahead of the Chinese, and Viktor Antonov brilliant
finishing stage finished with a Dutchman and a triumphant outstretched hand "a la Superman," the first to cross the finish line. Of course, under a storm of applause of the crowds. This was the first success for the Russian national team in the World Cup events. Sure — not the last. "Iceberg" has become for us a happy, waiting for recurrence after one year.

Thus, the final day of the World Cup home team Russia won a full set of medals — gold, silver and bronze. Can you recognize a speech successful? Certainly. Russian short track begins, and no doubt will come. In a year we will be the main favorites on home ice, and even in the crowded stands, "Iceberg". Anyone doubts?

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