The Russians have found happiness in his personal life

Social scientists decided to find out what emotions bring Russians to family relationships. As the data show opinion poll, over the past ten years, more and more people are finding happiness it is in his personal life.

For example, in 1999 the relationship with family and friends happiness experienced 12% of respondents sociologists. In 2012 these for as much as 38%. Accordingly, the number of those who experience from communicating with their families just satisfaction (62% vs. 50%). Unmet family life in general is almost gone — in 1999 there were 12% and is now only 3%.


It is interesting that the older the respondents, the less satisfied they are communicating with family and friends. In the age group of 18 to 24 years 46% of respondents told us that they felt the happiness of communicating with relatives and 48% of them are satisfied. A group of 60 and above are experiencing happiness, only 32% are satisfied — 51%.

Nearly one in five Russians finds happiness in their sexual life (18% of respondents admitted that). In 1999, the happiness of the sex tested, only 6% of respondents. Satisfied sex 40% (in 1999 — 36%). Unmet also fewer (4% versus 10% in 1999). Nearly empty and indifferent to sex citizens — in 1999 there were 20% and in 2012 only 4%.

Men are more satisfied with their sex lives than women — 21% of male sex brings happiness and 47% are satisfied with them (women 16% and 34%, respectively). In addition, sex is more important to the Russians, who are in a civil union: of these, 24% said that sex makes them happy, and 55% of them are satisfied (in officially registered — 19% and 44%).

Note that in the ranking of the happiest countries Russia occupies a very modest place. However, it made Americans — members of the Earth Institute at Columbia University. According to them, the happiest country in the world is Denmark. United States, they have put on the 11-th place, and Russia on the 76th.

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