The Russians have returned from space


The astronauts to the ISS on Friday, September 16th, in the morning successfully landed in Kazakhstan, flying over the territory of Iran. Returned to Earth Russians Andrey Borisenko and Alexander Samokutyaev and NASA astronaut Ronald Garan.

Landing took place at 08:00 Moscow time on the 149 kilometers south-east of Kazakhstan Zhezkazgan. The descent module to the International Space Station was found in a location close to the calculated coordinates. Currently hatch lander "Soyuz TMA-21" is already open. Once the astronauts will help to get out of the descent capsule, will be held medical examination of the state of their health in a mobile hospital. The crew then transported to the airport in Karaganda, and then flown to an airfield outside Moscow, "Chkalov".

"The crew moved the normal descent and landing, astronauts are in good mood, the weather in Kazakhstan at a normal landing," — provides information from a representative of Federal Air Transport Agency RIA Novosti. Safety of the operation to ensure the landing of three aircraft models of the AN-26 and AN-12, 14 Mi-8 helicopters and seven search and recovery vehicles.

Undocking lander to the station occurred at 04:34 Moscow time. About two hours the ship spent in free flight, and about seven in the morning, he turned on the engine braking, and began the descent from orbit. Then, between Egypt and Sudan at the height of 140 kilometers was its division into the instrument-aggregate, household and lander with the astronauts. In the capsule entered the Earth’s atmosphere over the territory of Iraq. At an altitude of ten kilometers was discovered parachute for a soft landing.

Andrei Borisenko, Alexander Samokutyaev and Ronald Garan returned to Earth after six months after sending the ISS. At the station are working members of the 29th expedition of the Russian Space Flight Engineer Sergei Volkov, crew American Michael Fossum and Japanese flight engineer Satoshi

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