The Russians have shown the art of belly dance

In the theater and concert hall "Palace on Jauze" the first international Oriental Dance Festival «Ahlan Moscow» from the organizers of the successful annual international dance festivals «Tariq el Nougqum» and «Assembly» ARWA association. The scale and fascinating festival was dedicated to belly dance (oriental dance, bellydance).

In these troubled times, when the situation in the Middle East at different political and social instability, its culture continues to live and grow in different parts of the world and the hearts of its bearers. This is confirmed by the many performers from Russia, CIS and far abroad.

Competition program included two such revolutionary nomination as "lords" (dancers over 35 years) and "men in bellydance. " There were the traditional category: novice, amateur, professional, classic song.

This is the first summer festival, which was organized by the numerous requests of participants from the regions and other countries.

— Our events are different friendly atmosphere backstage, professional refereeing — the organizer of the festival, famous Egyptian dancer Nur,
director in his belly dance studio in Moscow. —

Contestants were evaluated by teachers from Egypt — the center of Arab culture and art, a kind of "Hollywood", this is where the dancer can truly develop in the dance. And to be an actress on the stage — it’s great art and work. Viewers of this often misunderstood because they are used to see the oriental dance in restaurants, but most of their dancers did not learn the art of dance. Arabian Dance — very feminine, it forms in a woman lady. The main thing — do not dance strangle own inner world, and to share it with the audience.

Most of the judges for the contest came from Egypt, is known in the world of dance people carriers of the art: the legendary Aida Nour (Egypt), Yasser Al-Suveyri (Syria), Wael Mansour (Italy), Khalid Mahmood (UK), Ahmed Fekri ( Germany), Karim (Russia), Delilah (USA), Emanuela Kamozzi (Italy), Elena Sheremet-Magdenko (Lithuania). The teachers gave master classes in choreography.

In the evening, a gala concert, which included a final Competition "Queen of Raks el Sharqi" and the choreography of various styles of oriental dance performed by the winners of the contest this and other festivals, the members of the jury.

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