The Russians have won four gold at the last day of the world championship in rowing and canoeing

In the German Duisburg ended world championship in rowing and canoeing.

On the last day of the championship we won four gold!

  • In the German Duisburg on the last day of the world championships in rowing and canoeing Russians won in four disciplines

The Russians Vitaly Yurchenko, Basil Pogreban, Anton Vasiliev, Oleg Zhestkov became world champions incanoe four at a distance of 1000 meters — broke in 2 minutes 58.692 seconds. Silver on account of the Czechs, bronze Australians.

Also the Olympic champions Yuri pruning and Alexander Dyachenko were winners in kayak-deuce at 200 m, Britons ahead of Hat Liam and Jonathan Shofilda at 0.573 seconds, Germans Ronald Raouche and Jonas Ems — to 0,719.

And also, Victor Melantha canoeists and Ivan Shtyl won gold medals in the distance 500 meters.  And clocked 1 minute 43.265 seconds. The second place was taken by the Hungarians (1.44,575 second), bronze went to the Czechs (1.45,082).

Finally, Andrew Kraytor, Victor Melantha, Andrey Ganin and Ivan Shtyl won the relay race 4 × 200 m in the canoe alone at the World Championships in Duisburg. In the fight for the gold Russians ahead of the Germans in the 1,950 seconds of Canadians — at 3,324. Earlier Melantha Shtyl and also did not know equal to deuce.

Team Russia was third in the unofficial team standings world rowing and canoeing, which ended on September 1 in Duisburg, Germany.

Total Russian rowers won 4 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze medals.

The first place team in Germany / 8-6-2 /, the second — in the Hungarian national team / 7-5-5 /. In the Olympic disciplines Russians won 2 gold and 2 silver medals, ranking as the third place. Excelled in them Hungarians / 4-1-2 /, followed by the German team / 3-3-1 /.

I congratulate our athletes with victories!

The next world championship in rowing and canoeing will be held in the capital of Russia — Moscow in 2014.

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