The Russians took from Microsoft Second Largest Web servers


Legendary Russian web server, open source nginx, even in the summer occupied fourth place among the active sites on the Internet in January broke a second position, ahead of Microsoft.

According to research firm Netcraft, over the years the monitoring of Internet sites, in January 2012 web server nginx developments in the Russian segment of the active domains (sites with unique content, made not a pattern in contrast to the "site-caps") bypassed by popularity Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server). Now here is nginx second place with a share of 12.18%, and Microsoft — the third place with a share of 12.14%. In first place is traditionally the Apache web server with a share of 57.93%.

"Changing market position due to long-term sustainable growth of popularity of nginx», — said director general of Nginx Inc. Maxim Konovalov. In his view, this change is irreversible.

By the end of the year nginx expects to take up to 17-18% of the market of Web servers in the segment of the active sites, Konovalov said. Objectives "move» Apache, according to him, the company is not worth it, "even if seriously consider this problem, the timing of its decision is beyond a reasonable planning horizon for the industry in two or three years."

Creator nginx Igor Sysoev — leading system administrator "Rambler". He began development of its web server in 2002 for the "Rambler", and in 2004 released the first publicly available release of this product. A web server is a free, open-source software and is distributed under the BSD. Nginx originally created to run on Unix-like systems, but later came under the assembly and of Windows.

According to Netcraft, nginx in 2008 overcame the barrier of 0.5% of the market of Web servers and since then has steadily increased its share. At the same time in June 2011 in a segment of active servers nginx was only 4th in c share of 9%, and the third position was Google.

It should be noted that during the first month of the four leading web-server nginx only able to increase its share, while the remaining products, including Apache, it decreased in both categories.

From large companies nginx users are "Rambler", "Yandex" social network "VKontakte" and Facebook, Groupon, Zappos, Slideshare, Kaspersky, Dropbox, Opera.

In the summer of 2011 Sysoev created to work on the project nginx separate company Nginx Inc., Explaining the popularity of the product and the need to expand the team for its development and support. In October, the company received $ 3 million from the investment fund Runa Capital, BV Capital and Private Fund Dell CEO Michael Dell (Michael Dell) MSD Capital.

On the proceeds will develop a new commercial product and carry out expansion web server, open source in the U.S., where the company plans to open its head office. Earlier, Igor Sysoev emphasized that, despite the organizational and other changes in the project, open source software product will continue to exist and will be provided support.

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