The Saratov pipe plant launched a new production line

December 15 at the "Saratov pipe factory" (a separate division "Group POLYPLASTIC") hosted a launch of a new line for the production of polymer composites based on an extruder ZE 75R-52UD firm Bersdorff.


Opening the line, the Minister of Industry and Energy of Sergei Lisowski said that it has no analogues in Russia. In the past year the company opened a similar line, but her performance was much smaller. Performance of the new line is up to four tons per hour. She focused on the production of materials for the production of home appliances brands Indesit, Ariston and others with production in Russia.


The Minister said that "the Saratov region sufficiently productive cooperation with German partners. The region is rapidly developing production of Bosch, of Henkel. And here is another contribution of German colleagues in our industry. " The head of the Ministry of Industry said that the production company is also in demand in the water and in the gas industry, because now the region has been actively working on gasification.

As the director of development of the property complex of ZAO NPP "Polyplastic" Andrew Menchov This investment project is implemented "Part of a comprehensive program, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation on the localization of imported manufactures in Russia. This line is aimed at meeting their needs. " He expressed his gratitude to the leadership of the region for assistance in the implementation of the project, stressing that "The main thing — it’s not the equipment, and highly qualified people who are willing to work honestly."

Also in the project played an important role convenient location of the plant. Supply of raw materials and shipment of finished products here will be the most optimal way.

After leaving the line at full capacity production of compounds (composite materials) is up to 13 thousand tons per year. With its introduction of the volume of products is increased by 40%, reaching 45 thousand tons of finished products per year.

Investment in the project from the "Group of POLYPLASTIC", which is a separate division "Saratov pipe factory", including the cost of installation and commissioning of the new equipment was 2 million euros.

Commissioned production line will create an additional 34 new jobs. According to Andrew Menchov, the average salary in the company is about 30 thousand rubles.


"Saratov pipe factory" was founded December 31, 2005 on the site of the former motor company number 10. At present, covers an area of 12.5 hectares, on which the production and warehouse facilities of plastic pipes and polymer composites.

In accordance with the development plan of the composite division in 2007 at the "Saratov pipe plant" was organized by the production of composite materials, which are currently available through a variety of polymeric materials: polypropylene (Armley), polyamide-6 (Armamid), and thermoplastic elastomers for polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene. Range (over 60 brands) covers all known types of modifications of polymers and glass mineralonapolnennye, elasticized, impact-resistant, fire-resistant, etc.

Materials produced "Saratov pipe factory", used in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, construction, railways, household appliances and other fields.

On the "Saratov pipe plant" has successfully implemented a quality management system at all stages. The composite production is certified according to ISO 9001.

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