The search for victims of a landslide in Colombia continues

The search for victims of a landslide in Colombia continues to Natural Disasters

Mud landslide occurred near the two Colombian villages Villas de Prado and Remolinos, located in one of the municipalities in the southwestern department of Huila. According to preliminary reports, a landslide killed four people, five were injured, 11 are included in the list of the missing. The initial number of the missing was 27 people.

Landslide was preceded by a flood on the river La Correr. Spilled after prolonged rains, the river flooded about 20 houses located on its banks. The soil around the river became unstable and viscous, causing a landslide. At Villas de Prado, 150 km distant from the capital of the department, the Neva, destroyed 13 houses. Number of victims of the landslide is at least 165 people, taking root in the municipality.

In search of the lost rescuers involved in the Fire and Civil Security Services and neighboring towns Isnos Pitalito and sniffer dogs arrived from the capital, Bogota. In the current rainy season, which lasts in Colombia from October to December, the incident in the Villas de Prado was the first in which there are casualties.

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