The second line of the gas pipeline is laid under the bottom of the Eastern Bosphorus Strait

April 13, 2012 in the late evening Investment engineering and construction company "NGS-TEMPOBUR" has completed the construction of the underwater passage through the Bosphorus East settlement gas pipeline from GDS Vladivostok to consumers of natural gas on the Russian island with a lateral to CHPP — 2 of Vladivostok.

The need for the construction of the pipeline was due to the active development of the island‘s infrastructure, which will be the main event of the APEC summit in 2012. Earlier, district heating was carried out on the island of local boilers for solid fuel or oil, and only in the area of high-rise buildings. The majority of the buildings in the island villages had their own boiler or furnace heating.

The length of the transition (the length of a down-hole drilling) is 2 km 857 m transition is projected to double-stranded form (main and back-up lines). By construction, the transition is a "pipe in pipe". Directly to the process line with a diameter of 273 mm, is located in a protective casing with a diameter of 426 mm. The minimum depth from the bottom of the Strait of 25 m, and the maximum height difference between the coastal and deep-sea areas is 140 m minimum width of the strait at its narrowest point — 1600 m, the depth of the strait — 40 banks of 60 m height — 80 m

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