The second phase of the greenhouse complex UMMC gave the first crop — 90 tonnes of cucumbers

In total for the season of 2013 it is planned to raise about 1.5 million tons of cucumbers.

In JSC "Hothouse" (company "UMMC-Agro") held a symbolic ceremony removal of the first crop in the newly commissioned second phase of the greenhouse complex.

Currently, all 4 hectares occupied by the second stage of cucumber varieties, "athlete", which compares favorably opylyaemostyu and yield. Planted in mid-April, 30-cm seedlings have now reached a height of 2.5 meters and has already brought 90-ton harvest. In total for the season of 2013 it is planned to raise about 1.5 million tons of cucumbers. At full production capacity at the new site will be grown to 2.5 million tons of vegetables, the press service of the UMMC.

In parallel to the floor of the greenhouse complex is the third stage of construction, as an area of 4 hectares. Its launch is scheduled for late 2013. After the completion of the total area of the three bursts of 12 hectares. When using the production capacity of the greenhouse complex at 100% volume grown production exceeds 7,200 tons of vegetables. The total cost of the project is around 970 million.

The first phase of the complex took place in March 2010. For the season 2012 in JSC "Greenhouse" grown more than 2,350 tons of tomatoes and 1,055 tons of cucumbers.

A key factor in the creation of efficient production process in JSC "Greenhouse" is the use of the most advanced foreign and domestic technologies. In particular, small-used technique involves growing vegetables in steel gutters on specially prepared mats using a fully automated computer system creating an optimal climate, automated drip irrigation and the individual power plants. All this provides an early fruiting, a significant increase in yield, and most importantly — improving the quality and environmental friendliness of products.

"We are closely monitoring the quality of our products. Vegetables regularly hosts various examinations, which confirm their useful properties. In the process of growing either in soil or in plant adds no growth stimulants or any other chemical compounds that are harmful to health. This is achieved thanks to a very strict observation of all the parameters of plant nutrition, "- said the director of" Hothouse "Alexander Volkov.

Fresh vegetables produced by JSC "Greenhouse" can be found in all the major retail chains in Yekaterinburg and Upper Pishma, given the high quality and environmentally friendly products, it comes in kindergartens, schools and catering.

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