The second power Kurgan HPP-2 passed comprehensive testing

On the Kurgan HPP-2 successfully completed comprehensive testing equipment and certification of the second power operating capacity.

In the test unit operated for 72 hours with a rated load, and then passed the tests required in various operational modes. Was tested reliability and availability of capital equipment and auxiliary systems, deviations in their work have been identified.

According to test results declared power station has been certified by the System Operator of the Unified Energy System. Completion of comprehensive testing allows us to speak about the successful completion of the construction of the Kurgan CHPP-2 and readiness for a network of full-power stations.

Kurgan HPP-2 will consist of two units of 111 MW each. Each power unit comprises a gas turbine 76 MW PG 6111FA manufactured by General Electric, Heat and steam turbine SST-35 400 MW of Siemens and steam recovery boiler. The installed electric capacity of the station is 222 MW thermal capacity — 250 Gcal / h. Construction Kurgan HPP-2 will significantly improve power supply Kurgan region and create conditions for social and economic development of the city and the region.

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