The second series modernized A-50U. In pictures

The second series modernized aircraft airborne early warning and control the A-50U Russian Air Force (tail number "33 red", registration number RF-50602). Taganrog, April 2013 (c)

 Roman.K /

Our blog has already reported (hereandhere) To conclude at the end of 2012 at the JSC "Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex Beriev" (Beriev) modernization of the second batch of drill aircraft airborne warning and control system A-50U Russian Air Force (tail number "33 red" registration No. RF-50602). This aircraft (serial number 0043454618, serial number 41-05) was built in 1984 and was modernized by Beriev in 2011-2012, on the web-site appeared made in Taganrog Spotter Roman.K (Roman81) "fresh" dramatic picture of the upgraded aircraft in the dark gray color of the new standard, the Russian Air Force.

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