The second spacecraft Geo-SG2 is ready and has been tested

JSC "Information Satellite Systems" Reshetnev name (ISS, Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region) produced by order of the Defense Ministry geodesic second spacecraft "Geo-IK-2," said chief designer and CEO of ASC Nicholas Testoedov.

"The second unit is ready. According to the results of the first, as well as the readiness of the ground infrastructure to be decided by the customer. We are waiting for a decision on an integrated system ready "Geo-SG2" in general. The device costs in our store. We carry out all the necessary operations to maintain and await the decision of the Ministry of Defence, "- said N.Testoedov.

He recalled that the launch of the first geodetic satellite "Geo-SG2" in 2011, the unit failed to bring the desired orbit.

"The fact that we can derive from it in the condition we have learned. In particular, we confirmed the efficiency of systems platform ", — said N.Testoedov.

He also said that "the Ministry of Defence is considering the decision to order more than one unit and it is likely that it will be positive." "The contract for it is not signed yet," — said the head of ISS.

As reported, February 1, 2011 rocket "rumble" with the upper stage "Breeze-KM" and spacecraft "Geo-IK-2" was launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region. Two-stage rocket worked normally. However, in the area of the upper stage "Breeze-KM" there was an emergency situation as a result of which the satellite "Geo-IK-2" was launched into an unplanned elliptical orbit with a minimum height of about 370 km and a maximum height of about 1020 km instead of the planned circular orbit altitude of 1000 km
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