The second state-of-the-art Expo Center in Russia is built in the Yekaterinburg


The total area of this modern exhibition complex (Yekaterinburg EXPO), which will appear next to the highway connecting the city Yekaterinburg with airport Kol’tsovo, will exceed 90 thousand square meters. The first major event taking place in Yekaterinburg EXPO is the second international exhibition «INNOPROM» in the summer of 2011.

By that time all the construction works on external service objects will be finished and "Yekaterinburg EXPO" will be appended to the infrastructure.



Currently construction workers are piling and laying the foundation for the pavilion area of 20 thousand square meters (215,278.21 square feet). Thus, four pavilions should be ready up to opening date of the «INNOPROMU-2011". In architect’s conception, the pavilions will be connected to covered galleries with recreational areas.

The complex will also include a convention center with a concert hall. According to the plan, its construction will be completed by the end of 2011.

Moreover, the «front» entrance of the complex for transport is been constructed at present. According to schedule, offshoot of Kol’tsov tract will be built by May.

Today, the only exhibition center in Russia complying to the international standards is «Crocus EXPO» in Moscow. The Sverdlovsk region authorities expect «Yekaterinburg Expo» to change this situation.

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