The second vessel of ice-class supply Alexei Chirikov transferred


The second multi-functional supply ship offshore projects Project R70201, built by Russian and Finnish shipbuilders, April 19 delivered to the customer — the Russian company "Sovcomflot". The signing of the act of transfer took place at the Helsinki shipyard Arctech Helsinki Shipyard, a joint venture of the United Shipbuilding Corporation and the Finnish "daughters" of the South Korean group STX.

The vessel is named after the famous Russian pioneer Alexei Chirikov, assistant and associate of the great Russian explorer of Siberia and the Arctic Commander Vitus Bering. (On January 10, in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg flag was hoisted at the main procurers of this project "Vitus Bering"). Both ships are designed to work in the field A-D (the "Sakhalin-1") — service year round offshore platform. Vessels represent a new generation of multifunctional ice class procurers for the transport of various types of goods, collection of oil spills, fire, towing and rescue duty.

Powerful design and propulsion system of the vessel allow it to operate in drifting ice thickness up to 1.7 m at temperatures down to -35 C.

The vice-president of JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" Dmitry Mironenko, "completion and transfer to the customer ships" Vitus Bering, "and" Alexei Chirikov "is a clear evidence of the successful development of Russian-Finnish shipbuilding cluster." He recalled that the hull structures of ships were produced at Vyborg Shipyard, which is part of the USC, And the completion was performed in Helsinki in a joint venture of USC and STX Finland together with Russian experts in the framework of a specially designed training program.

"The experience of working together with the Finnish partners proved the correctness of the chosen strategy for the implementation of these contracts — said Mironenkov. — We have reached the maximum possible location of the construction of hull structures and configuration of the vessel, in terms of saturation, engineering and ship design, getting the know-how that Finnish colleagues have accumulated over a long period during the construction of icebreakers for the needs of the Soviet Union. "

At the same time, he believes, is "to ensure that the needs and future demands of our customers in the face of shipping and oil and gas companies, power that we have in the Cooperation Arctech Helsinki Shipyard and Vyborg Shipyard, will not suffice for the full amount of orders." "In this regard, — said Mironenkov — we are planning in the development of our new facilities in the Far East to use the competencies obtained in the Finnish colleagues in the construction of an ice-class supply ships on new capacities in Bolshoi Kamen near Vladivostok."

JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation"— Russia’s largest shipbuilding company. Established in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation in 2007, with 100% of the shares in federal ownership. The holding includes about 60 companies and organizations (major shipbuilding and repair yards, leading design bureaus). At present, on the basis of the USC consolidated about 80% of the domestic shipbuilding industry. The Russian market — the basis for the corporation, which also exports its products to 20 countries around the world.

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