The service life of the BN-800 at BNPP may be 45 years old

Life of the building under the BN-800 Beloyarsk can be increased from the planned 40 to 45 years, told reporters on Thursday, Chief of Engineering Support Unit under construction Andrew Butko.

  • BN-800
  • BN-800

The construction of a fast neutron reactor BN-800 is expected to be completed in 2013.
According Butko, the project began in early 80s.

"The moment was set period of time — 40 years. Later …, receiving operating experience of the BN-600, there was an understanding that by using this equipment, you can extend the life of" — he said.

Butko said that this question was raised at the design stage.

"The documents for the operation of power will likely be made (in Rostekhnadzor) for 40 years, as specified in the project. But I think that the question of extending up to 45 years will be decided almost simultaneously," — he said.

Butko added that sodium for the reactor will be shipped from France.

Beloyarsk nuclear power plant — the first commercial nuclear power plant in the history of nuclear power and the only country with reactors of different types at the same site. At BNPP operates the unique power unit with a fast neutron reactor power level of industrial BN-600. In the construction stage unit with a fast neutron reactor BN-800.

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