The SEZ St. Petersburg opened Science and Technology Center Perspective-Izhiniring

June 19, the company "Angle-Engineering" opened a research and development center for the development and production of new industrial automation systems. The center is open in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) "St Petersburg", the site Neudorf (Strelna).

The center will lead the development of automated control systems for hydropower facilities, thermal power, nuclear power and energy facilities of large industrial enterprises. The company’s investment in the project amounted to about 400 million rubles. Planned period of return — 5 years. With the launch of the project in full operation center will provide 100 new jobs for the residents of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. 

Today the center is the most modern infrastructure for research and development of automated process control system (PCS) for energy facilities and is the first completed at the site of the SEZ subject to the resident. The work of the new infrastructure is aimed at developing its own process chain, aimed at import substitution, and special devices for power equipment, as well as the creation of integrated solutions that ensure the safe and efficient management of power plant equipment. After the localization of all the process steps on the court center in 2014, sales of "Perspective-Engineering" is over $ 1 billion.

"The launch of the project in the SEZ was a strategic decision aimed at the development of modern production facilities and at the same time to upgrade infrastructure facilities of the Russian energy sector. The Center‘s work will not only allow the company to scale presented solutions for the industry, but also to invest in targeted research and development. SEZ preferences also extend these opportunities for us, "- says the creation of science and technology center CEO" Perspective-engineering "and SC" Perspective "Leonid Chernigov. — "The company is planning — the development of joint projects with foreign and local partners, the development direction to building monitoring of main power equipment, special tools and measuring the effective implementation of the ADCS-systems (Automated dispatching management) at power plants."

At this stage, the project allows the company to increase production capacity by 2.5 times. On a total area of 8,000 sq.m. placed research, production, storage, training, administrative offices, as well as recreational areas and a gym for employees. "Today, the Center infrastructure demand in the industry: it allows you to locate in one place the entire process chain — from design to production and engineering work, assembly, testing and commissioning, and maintenance services, and a training center," — says Leonid Chernigov.

Additional Information:

The company "Perspective" carries out its work in 1991 and is one of the market leaders in industrial automation. The main customers of the company are manufacturing plants of power equipment, hydro-thermal and nuclear power plants, metallurgical, pulp and paper, industrial enterprises. The main sales markets are the countries of the Customs Union, CIS, Russia, as well as foreign countries, such as India, Vietnam, Angola, China.

"Racurs-engineering" has received the status of SEZ resident in Strelna in 2008. In 2009, the investment project "Perspective-engineering" was included among the key innovative projects of the city. Since the autumn of 2010, "Angle-engineering" has been operating in the SEZ in the administrative building of the SEZ company opened a special laboratory instrumentation. During 2012 revenues from sales of laboratory products manufactured in the SEZ, was 64 million rubles. In November 2011, with the participation of the leadership of St. Petersburg and JSC "SEZ" laid the capsule at the base of science and technology center. Two years later, according to the plans and terms, in an area of 1.08 ha constructed building of the Center, which is a modern infrastructure for research, development, manufacture and implementation of highly reliable and energy-efficient systems for the automation of electric power facilities and other energy industries.

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