The share of fighters dry on the world market was more than 19 percent

Russia firmly in second place after the United States


MOSCOW. August 24. VOSTOK-MEDIA — The Centre for Analysis of World Arms Trade (TSAMTO) conducted a study of the world market fighters. In the years 2003-2010 the share of fighters "Dry" was 19.36 percent. in this market. This analysis took into account all the supplies — new planes, licensed programs, repair, modernization and delivery of the Armed Forces of the exporting countries. This RIA "Vostok-Media" the press service of the company "Sukhoi".
In general, the volume of Russian exports in this category in the years 2003-2010 TSAMTO estimated at 14.732 billion dollars (21.35% of the world market). With this measure, our country steadily ranks second. At the same fighter "Sukhoi" over the period of 2003-2010. provided 90.7% of the value of Russian exports in the category of "multi-role fighters."
By year percentage fighter "Sukhoi" in total exports of Russian fighter jets in the category was as follows: 2003 — 91.5%. In 2004 — 80.7%, in 2005 — 86.5%, in 2006 — 86.4%, in 2007 — 99.2%, in 2008 — 95.8%, in 2009 — 88 , 9%, in 2010 — 97.7%.
According TSAMTO share fighters "dry" data as a percentage of worldwide sales in 2003 amounted to — 28.44%, in 2004 — 25.78%, in 2005 — 10.71%, in 2006 — 7 72%, in 2007 — 17.44%, in 2008 — 26.63%, in 2009 — 23.57%, in 2010 — 16.47%.
The first place by value of exports of multi-role fighters held by the U.S. — 36.197 billion dollars, accounting for 52.46% of total world exports in this category. Third place goes to Great Britain — 6,334,000,000 USD (9.18%). Next place as follows: France, Sweden, China, Israel. In general, the category of "multi-role fighters" in the years 2003-2010 to supply and deliver 25 countries.
Center experts have studied the order backlog as of June 1 of this year. According to them, the export volume of fighters "dry" in the next 4 years (2011-2014.) Is estimated at 61% of total sales in Russia this category. With this volume of Russian confidently retain second place. The share of "Sukhoi" in 2011-2014 in the global market will be a little less than 14%, Russia as a whole — 22.7%. The total contractual obligations to supply the U.S. multi-role fighters, as of June 1, 2011 for delivery in 2011-2014. (First on the list) is 46.26% of the global package of orders. Third place will be Great Britain — 13.04%. Further places will be as follows: China 4.86%, France — 3.56%, Sweden — 3.13%

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