The share of innovation in products AVISMA is 95%

Titanium Corporation "VSMPO" by the results of last year reached with its production of innovative products to 95% of the total product. This was announced by the president of the Union of defense industry enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region, Sergei Maxine. The growth of development know-how contributes to scientific workers in the state at the enterprise in the Perm region. "On the" Avisma "employs a large group of engineers with advanced degrees, — stated in the material corporate edition" Metallurg ". — In addition, we have an experienced shop, where there is a serious research. " Scientific direction also works in the laboratory of chemical protective coatings.

In general, there are three main areas of work in the unit — quality control, development of technical innovations and proper development of anti-corrosion technology. The staff, the staff of which is headed by the head of the laboratory Yuri Butorina involved in a number of research areas that may be of interest to the Perm branch of the corporation. "I wonder all that is needed to process technology" Avisma ", — he said. — For example, last year we did a research on the production of acid-resistant powder technology. In the subsidiary LLC "Solid" is built for this special thread. The company provided us with a sample of raw material from which to produce a powder, and samples of the finished product. "

It is expected that the main consumer of acid resistant powder will combine "Avisma" — for enterprises and departments can take hundreds of tons of products annually. To use the product laboratory staff intend to confirm its quality. It is used for lining works, in OOO "Avisma-Spetsremont" — for the production of concrete, in OOO "Avisma Story" — mixing of the solution, etc.

In addition, the unit monitors the quality of refractory materials entering the plant: engineers carry out a visual inspection and verification of basic physical and technical indicators. "There are all the necessary equipment, — the head of the laboratory. — The strength is determined by the 50-ton press, which is held every year state verification. To determine the porosity of the materials used vacuum unit. There are electronic weighing equipment, has shaker table for preparing samples of bulk materials. All strictly in accordance with GOST, according to regulatory guidelines in force in Russia. "

Moreover, the lab takes over the functions of OTC, engaging incoming inspection of raw materials. "We bring a sample we make samples and conduct tests, and the results are recorded in the minutes — quoted Yuri Butorina corporate edition of" Metallurg ". — If all goes well, we give the conclusion that the material is suitable for the manufacture of masonry mortars and refractory concrete lining in the equipment at the plant. "

Also lab helps LLC "Solid", part of the "Avisma" master independent production of ceramic concrete. Raw magnesium is used in the lining cells. Within a few days, engineers tested physical and technical properties, heat resistance and rasplavoustoychivost material. "The tests are not one week, according to the rules of scientific research: with photos, a detailed description, with charts and conclusions, — said Yuri Butorin. — On the basis of the recommendations are given for the pilot-scale tests on the current cell. It was only after the unit has run for, say, two or three years, keramobeton get permission to widespread use. " The article publication "Metallurg" notes that the creation of technology keramobetona contributes directly to technical progress in the enterprise.

In addition, the court in Perm planned construction of the fluorinephlogopite (synthetic mica). "This is great stuff, its test" Avisma "were held in the early 90s, when I worked as a foreman for repair of equipment in the electrolysis shop, — said the representative of the laboratory. — Partitions from fluorinephlogopite stood for a long time, but they could easily be reused. However, the construction of a workshop of stone casting is not yet complete, and for the new cells are needed now more refractory products. "

Yuri Butorin also noted the results of the laboratory in 2011: was tested various chemical protective coatings. "Special notice should be ground and enamel" Ferra "produced by" Factory "Colors Chemie", as well as coating materials produced by "Tehpromsintez Production Company" and JSC "Emlak", — said the head. — All these materials have good thixotropic properties, i.e. the ability not to sag when applied to vertical surfaces. But most importantly, for the period of pilot testing, they did not lose their protective and decorative properties (total absence of corrosion, and the color and luster remained unchanged). "

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