The share of Internet users in Russia reached 55%


The share of Internet users to the beginning of the year has already reached 55% (six months ago — 49%), with the most rapidly growing share of it everyday Web users (from 30 to 36%). Do not use the resources of the "world wide web" today 45% (for comparison, a year ago the figure was 50%).

In social networks, today reported 82% of Internet users (back in 2010, the figure was 52%). The typical user of social media — a man aged 18-24 years (96%), security (87%), who lives in Moscow or St. Petersburg (94%).

The most popular social networks are Runeta "Classmates" (they are used by 73% of internet users) and "Vkontakte" (62%). Third place goes to a network of "My World", the popularity of which has increased significantly (from 22 to 31%). Significantly increase the audience of foreign networks «Facebook» (from 5 to 18%) and «Twitter» (from 2 to 9%). Other networks of users does not exceed 6%.

The poll Polls held 4-5 February 2012 1600 respondents were interviewed at 138 sampling points in 46 regions of Russia. The statistical error does not exceed 3.4%.

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