The ships of the Northern Fleet conducted exercises for anti-submarine warfare in the Barents Sea

Surface ships of the Northern Fleet in conjunction with submarines and naval aviation fulfilled complex collaborative tasks with the use of weapons in combat training ranges offshore fleet.

The exercise has been involved naval search and attack group, which included the large anti-submarine ships (BOD) "Severomorsk" and "Admiral Chabanenko". At sea, the crews of warships with anti-submarine helicopters Ka-27 and Tu-142 aircraft have fulfilled the task of main mission — to search, detect, classify, maintain contact and tracking, as well as anti-submarine equivalent of the "enemy" with the use of various sets of anti-submarine weapons.

Within a few days of large anti-submarine ships "Severomorsk" and "Admiral Chabanenko" practiced conducting naval combat surface ships conditional "enemy", the attacks of air attack from different heights and directions. Calculations of the main fire artillery shells fired practical shooting for the destruction of marine and coastal facilities, completed transcripts of shooting at floating sea mines, carried out live firing anti-aircraft weapons at air targets. 

At the time of the crews of ships at sea also have successfully completed torpedo firing and bombing deep. In addition to this problem have been worked on the organization of cooperation, joint maneuvering in complex hydro-meteorological conditions, the organization of communication between ships grouping.

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