The shooting at the strawberry plantation

"Recently, there was an event in Greece, which traveled around the world. It was just sensational, because no one expected that something like this is possible in civilized Europe, but nevertheless, it was possible. Strawberry plantations on the Peloponnese came shooting of workers who demanded payments held back their salaries. People gathered around the management in order to get their wages for six months. But in reality, apparently, they had more as before with them paid off dead checks that anyone anywhere could cash out. These workers Europeans were not. They were mostly Bangladeshis. And when we see the Greek Russian strawberries on the shelves of supermarkets, we should just imagine that this is going to strawberry in Europe hands of immigrants from Asian countries. This may be Pakistanis, Indians may be, Bangladeshis.

Anyway, these people are in the European Union is not in a position in which a person must be in accordance with the norms of the United Nations, in accordance with the fact that he has a human right. In the European Union there is a rigid system of discrimination, and these people are at the bottom. They live in wooden huts or buildings in cellophane, they work long hours, sometimes they do not receive wages that, in general, have in common with Brazil, the European Union XIX beginning of XX century. That is, we see that in Europe there is a third world inside the first, and that the third world is obvious. And against this third-world uses the same techniques of repression, which are used in this third world. 

What happened? Management opened fire, and 30 people were injured, they went to the hospital. The Greek government has descended so far that has stated that it will not deport victims. What the outcome, while very difficult to say. But one of the participants in the shooting took place in another case — he was involved in torture of Egyptian worker who was tied to a car or motorcycle and dragging on the asphalt. A hero of the Greek strawberry industry was released, and, more precisely, and was detained. This case was never investigated to the end, and the court on it was not. But he managed to take part in the shooting of a strawberry.

That’s such an event occurred in the European Union, which should somewhat change our usual notions of civilized Europe, on the European Union in general. Because it is possible not only in Greece. This is possible in many countries, is that Europe today. And if you notice blood in strawberries, bought at some of Moscow’s supermarkets, you can know exactly where this product. "


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