The shop Ammonia-2 completed the modernization

At Kemerovo "Ashdod" (the main shareholder — JSC "SIBUR-Fertilizers) completed the implementation of the next phase of the project to modernize the production of ammonia in order to increase its efficiency and reduce production costs.
As part of this stage of works on modernization of the machine AM-76 in the shop Ammonia-2. In particular, some areas have been improved process and upgraded key element in the production process of ammonia — steam turbine synthesis gas compressor.

Optimization of the process, elimination of elements inefficient and it deeper recycle heat energy generated in various stages of the production of ammonia, to reduce the consumption of natural gas at 827 m3/hour. Also, more effective utilization of excess heat reduces the load on the environment by reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere.
Modernization of the steam turbine synthesis gas compressor will significantly reduce the steam consumption, optimize ammonia plant in the summer, as well as free up additional heat to a network of no less than 88,788 Gcal per year.
The next phase of the project for the production of ammonia, which is scheduled for implementation in 2011, includes among others modernization of shop Ammonia-1 to further reduce energy consumption and increase production. In particular, the daily output of ammonia in the shop Ammonia-1 will be increased by 50 tons.

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