The situation in the pig sector

In August 2011, the number of pigs in farms of all categories was 18.8 million head. For several months, the number remains at this level. Since the beginning of the current year population only grew. Due to this performance the last three months of the year ahead of similar last year. Thus, the June and July’s figures by 0.1% higher than in the same months last year. In August, this index was up 0.2%. But the echoes of the negative dynamics of the fall and winter, all else being felt. Thus, the average number of pigs in January-August 2011, 0.4% less than the same period in 2010. But the overall trend is still positive: compared with 2009 above the current 4%, in 2008 — 8%.


In agricultural enterprises in January-August 2011 the volume of pigs for slaughter totaled 1.1 million tons, up 10% over last year. In August 2011, in the agricultural produced 155.7 thousand tons. This figure is also higher than last year — but already at 19%. In general, for each of the 8 months of this year, we have seen an increase compared to the same figure last year. Southern Federal District and the North Caucasian Federal District, as before, continue to struggle with the consequences of outbreaks of ASF, only in these two districts, we are seeing a negative trend when comparing the total in January-August this year and last — by 6% and 5%, respectively. For 8-NIL months of 2011, Russia imported 445 thousand tons of pork, of foreign origin. Dynamics in comparison with 2010 and 2009 is positive — 8% and 18%, respectively. Because of an increasing demand for these products.

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