The soldiers fired SF 14 successful missile launches in 2012

MOSCOW, January 3 — RIA Novosti. The forces of the Northern Fleet (NF) produced 14 successful launches of cruise missiles in 2012, told the official representative of the SF Captain First Rank Vadim Serga.

"In 2012, surface ships, submarines and coastal defense troops of the SF forces made 14 launches of cruise missiles and land-based marine waters in the Barents and White Seas" — said Sergey.

According to him, the primacy of the number of starts of surface ships deservedly belongs to the crew of a small rocket ship (IRAs) "Dawn" who performed during the four years of combat exercises with the use of the main missile system. "Three of them were carried out with a view to ensuring the exercise of anti-air defense ships of the Northern Fleet," — said the officer.

He noted that the fourth launch was carried out on surface targets as part of the command-staff exercise of the power of the Western Military District. "Then the fire anti-ship missile" Malachite "and the crew performed the MRC" Iceberg "- said Sergei.

In addition, he said that as part of the same exercise in September, crews of nuclear submarines "Voronezh" and "Eagle" Project 949-A "Antaeus" produced two launches cruise missiles "Granit" at surface targets which are at a distance of more than 300 kilometers, both shooting seamen carried out from underwater position.

One at launch, said the officer, made calculations of tactical missile complex "Redoubt" anti-ship and land-missile system "Frontier" standing on the shore armed with rocket-artillery compound SF.

According to him, the primacy of the crew of submarine forces were carrying out missile launches in 2012, rightfully belongs to the Northern Fleet sailors who participated in the production test head multipurpose nuclear submarine "Severodvinsk" and fulfilled the five missile launches from the main rocket complex "Calibre". He added that the missile firing crew "Severodvinsk" in the course of the test, both the underwater and above-water position, hitting the sea and shore targets.

"All the launches of cruise missiles, made Severomorci in 2012, have been found to be successful" — finished Sergei.

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