The soldiers of the 201st military base in the Central Military District dressed in lightweight clothing field form a new sample

The personnel of the 201st military base stationed in the Republic of Tajikistan, fully dressed in field uniforms lightweight clothing that is specifically designed for members of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, serving in areas with hot climates.

New shape, painted in beige color, features high durability, improved performance termovlagoregulyatsii and ventilation. Used in the production of new fabrics, threads and accessories.

The kit includes forms of Panama, field service cap (for officers), field jacket with a zipper, straight cut trousers and short pants (shorts), T-shirt and lightweight shoes with high ankle boots.

The transition to the new form was preceded by her military tests conducted in April — September 2009 During the test command a military base has developed a number of proposals and comments were taken into account in mass production trifling form.

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