The solution for on-duty dispatchers Krasnodar region

Company NGO RIC-Systems, a leading systems integrator, provided a solution to automate the receipt and processing of alarms. The solution adapted to the needs of the Krasnodar region and is ready for widespread implementation in urban uniform on-duty traffic control services in the region.

A single on-duty dispatcher service (EDDS) is a central element of the supervisory control in daily operations and in emergency situations. The decision of the RIC-Systems provides automation of processes for obtaining, recording and processing of alarm messages received by the EDDS from different urban sub-systems: video surveillance systems, environmental control systems, alarm signaling, information systems, on-duty traffic control services (water utility, Gorgaz etc.) .

In the event of an alarm event alarm goes to the workstation (AWS) Manager of EDDS. Information about the test object ("card object") displayed on the workstation controller, and its location — on the electronic map. If necessary, warning messages are sent to the relevant operational service, including automatically.

The result of the introduction of the automated delivery system alarms is to improve the speed and quality of response to alarm events, timely information to emergency services and emergency prevention.

Solution developed by RIC-Systems, a high level of reliability and fault tolerance. The possibility of scaling, increased performance and interface with other external systems in accordance with the objectives and requirements of the customer.

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