The South Urals flew 650 Canadian pigs

The pigs, which were taken a month in Canada, arrived in Chelyabinsk on a giant two-deck "Boeing". At the airport, the animals were loaded on platform trucks, which went into Uvelsky district, a new breeding center. The press service of the regional government.

A month ago, flew to Canada South Urals specialists in breeding. In the end, they took the three breeds of pigs in Winnipeg, where the animals more suited to the Ural climate genetics. After which the pigs were 21 days in quarantine under the supervision of veterinarians.

Winnipeg animals on animal transport was taken to Chicago, where they flew a special flight directly to Chelyabinsk. For piglets in the aircraft have been specially made boxes.

It is expected that by the end of the year to the South Urals by air will arrive about six thousand chosen pigs from Canada.

Interestingly, pigs fly across the ocean was a historic event not only for the South Ural livestock, but also for the Chelyabinsk airport.

June 19 at the international airport "Chelyabinsk" first landing transport aircraft Boeing 747-400 Freighter, — said the press service of the airline. — One of the largest cargo aircraft in the world undertook a transcontinental flight from Chicago to Chelyabinsk.

Prior to that, the local airport had never taken such a giant liners. Recall that in April 2013 the airport "Chelyabinsk" gained admission to the reception and maintenance of aircraft of type Boeing 747 and its modifications. To do this, the airport had to repair a covered parking, as well as to purchase new equipment.

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