The South Urals received a batch of new agricultural

Chelyabinsk region was one of the first to become a party to the state program of modernization of agriculture. In anticipation of planting season to the South Urals received the first batch of new equipment.

 April 27 has 10 new tractors K-700 will be transferred to the Trinity, Varna, Verkhneuralsk and Bredy areas. All in all, this year farmers will receive 75 pieces of equipment. 

Farmers are pleasantly surprised and conditions of supply equipment. First, the farmer no longer have to pay the first installment. Second, he is not required to provide collateral, and given the delay of the first payment for six months. Technique is leased to agricultural enterprises for 10 years.

"Take today, the same loan from the bank, the more to take the money — about 6 million for each tractor — of working capital is very difficult. And this long-term leasing program, it is certainly beneficial for all the villagers," — Genes said Sergei, director of "Burabai."

This program is designed for the modernization of agricultural production 3 years. In general, the development of its allocated about 20 billion rubles, of which 8 — in 2012.

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